Compiled by Brittany Biddy and Emily Grant

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Fred A. Birchmore (AB ’32, MA ’34, JD ’34) of Athens died April 15. Pauline Stephens McAlpin (AB ’32) of Savannah died March 12. Thomas K. Wilson (BSA ’34) of Commerce died March 31.


Anne G. Rufty (M ’35) of Winston Salem, N.C., died Aug. 20, 1999. Charters Smith Embry (AB ’36) of Gainesville, Ga., died March 1. Susan L. Walker (BSHE ’36) of Jasper died July 31, 2011. Mary Elizabeth Wicker Anderson (BSHE ’37, MEd ’65, EdS ’75) of Evans died April 6. Sara Harrison (BSC ’37) of Thomson died March 26. Avery C. Holland (BSA ’37) of Cartersville died April 1. Em Ellen Hoover (BSHE ’38) of Edwardsville, Ill., died March 11. Ruth S. Kadis (BSEd ’38) of Goldsboro, N.C., died March 19. Ruth Hightower Roberts (M ’39) of Augusta died Jan. 30.


Ida Horowitz (BSC ’40) of Atlanta died Feb. 29. Grace A. Kempton (ABJ ’40) of McLean, Va., died Feb. 1. Jean MacDonell Logan (ABJ ’40) of Macon died April 10. Lillian Williams (M ’40) of Donalsonville died April 2. Sara Bowen Gibbs (AB ’41) of Tifton died Jan. 18. Harriet Kassman (M ’41) of Washington, D.C., died Feb. 23. Catherine Lindsey (BSHE ’41) of Madison died Sept. 13. Pauline Kelly Parker (ABEd ’41) of Louisville died April 13. John Alden Pond (MS ’41) of Bethesda, Md., died April 12. Harriette Dozier Rowe (BS ’41) of Tifton died March 16. Flora Gatewood Undercofler (M ’41) of Americus died Jan. 7. Edwina Wildes (BSHE ’41) of Atlanta died Jan. 22. Eugenia Walker Butler (AB ’42, MS ’67) of Athens died March 9. Jeanne Patterson Dabney (BSHE ’42) of Jefferson, Texas, died Oct. 28, 2011. Flora Faircloth (BSPE ’42) of Marietta died Jan. 14. William Reese Garrard Sr. (BSA ’42, MEd ’66) of Hickory, N.C., died March 27. Anna Sue Wallace Holden (AB ’42) of Gainesville, Fla., died April 8. H. Calvin Jackson (BS ’42) of Manchester died March 29. Margaret Johnson (BFA ’42) of Greensboro died March 28. Blanche Freeman Avery (BBA ’43) of Pine Mountain died April 1, 2007. William “Bill” L. Burch (BBA ’43) of Roswell died March 16. Theodore Amos Schlapfer (BSF ’43) of Cornelius, Ore., died March 7. Irene Freeman Daniels (ABJ ’44) of Warner Robins died Oct. 17. Roy Dorsey (M ’44) of Atlanta died March 31. Frankie Greene Dyer (BSHE ’44) of Stockbridge died Jan. 18. James G. Patrick Sr. (M ’44) of Omega died Feb. 21. Francis Stewart Sr. (M ’44) of Jasper died Jan. 16.


Sarah Harmon Carlson (BSEd ’45) of Avondale Estates died Feb. 8. Dorothy Ayers Compton (BSHE ’45) of Tampa, Fla., died Feb. 28. Patricia King Jefferson (BFA ’45) of Cuthbert died Feb. 14. Margaret Brantley Reed (M ’45) of Athens died on April 15. Thelma Louise Nix Russell (BSHE ’45) of Cleveland died Jan. 30. Jean Bolton Slaughter (BSHE ’45) of Canton died Jan. 16. Kathryn Dozier Bankston (BFA ’46) of Atlanta died Feb. 10. Vincencia Shipp “Tatty” Blount (M ’46) of Atlanta died Jan. 20. Mardre Ann Davis Cox (BSHE ’46) of Dublin died Jan. 20. Sara Virginia Crane Crow (AB ’46) of Ferrum, Va., died March 17. Cecelia Lewis “Jean” Hull (AB ’46) of Bartow, Fla., died March 28. Walter Brown Nevels (BSA ’46) of Atlanta died March 26. Frances C. Osborne (M ’46) of Lumberton, N.C., died March 4. Nucia Reimers (BFA ’46) of Augusta died March 23. Rose Marie Lewallen Sheffer (BS ’46) of Atlanta died March 9. Valeria White Watts (AB ’46, JD ’48) of Dalton died Dec. 27, 2011. Marie Coleman Wilson (AB ’46) of Lilburn died March 16. William Lee Dix (M ’47) of Fort Payne, Ala., died Jan. 13. Doris English Findley (BSHE ’47) of Hampton died April 17. John Holder Mobley (LLB ’47) of Decatur died Feb. 25. Charles Clarence Royal Jr. (BBA ’47) of Augusta died Jan. 21. Virginia Prater Wilcox (AB ’47) of Stone Mountain died April 16. Janet Marilyn Parker Bussey (AB ’48) of Jacksonville, Fla., died Jan. 7. Rudolph Childre Sr. (BSA ’48) of Canton died Feb. 17. Robert P. Cravey (BBA ’48) of Thomaston died July 21. James Powell Hollis (AB ’48) of Newnan died March 13. Evelyn Virginia King (BSEd ’48) of Franklin Springs died Jan. 16. Gloria Gaines Klugh (MA ’48) of Anderson, S.C., died Jan. 25. Robert J. Merchant (BBA ’48) of Albany died March 1. Raleigh Henley Powell Jr. (ABJ ’48) of Knoxville, Tenn., died Jan. 22. William “Bill” Andrew Wallace Jr. (BS ’48) of Hampton died July 12. Joseph Weintraub (BS ’48) of Albany died Feb. 9. Earl T. Wilkins Jr. (M ’48) of Douglas died Aug. 20. Latham Winn (BBA ’48) of Johnson City, Tenn., died March 4. Andrew Mershon Aspinwall (ABJ ’49) of Waycross died April 5. Edward Jackson Bible (BSA ’49) of Augusta died Feb. 29. Daniel Simon de La Penha (BS ’49) of Bluffton, S.C., died April 8. Harold Isaac Goodrich (BBA ’49) of Milledgeville died March 21. Carl August Hamburger (BBA ’49, LLB ’50) of Albany died March 17. Cynthia Jane Cook Hortman (M ’49) of Rome died Aug. 23. Paul Edgar King Sr. (BBA ’49) of Alpharetta died Jan. 30. Clyde Lambert Sr. (BSA ’49) of Waycross died Feb. 15. Joseph Enoch Legg (BSPh ’49) of Griffin died April 4. Joseph M. Lesser (BSCH ’49) of Atlanta died March 13. Birch G. McVay (BSPh ’49) of Gainesville died April 3. Barry Phillips (AB ’49, LLB ’54) of Valdosta died Jan. 23. Robert M. Styles (BSPh ’49) of Douglasville died March 14. Lee “Mo” Allen Worthy (BBA ’49) of Cedartown died Dec. 25.


Margaret Gilbert Adams (AB ’50) of Augusta died Feb. 8. Leopold “Lee” Adler (AB ’50) of Savannah died Jan. 29. Buford M. Cannon (BSAE ’50) of Montgomery, Ala., died Jan. 14. Louis A. Christo (BSEd ’50) of Atlanta died April 15. Oswald Dorsett “Jack” Hudgins (BSAE ’50) of Goldboro, N.C., died Jan. 24. Martha Louise Rivers Jarrell (BSNE ’50) of Greenville, S.C., died March 1. Herbert “Bill” H. Luke (BSA ’50) of St. Petersburg, Fla., died Jan. 16. Hugh Benson Martin Jr. (BSA ’50) of Knoxville, Tenn., died Feb. 19. William Collier Martin Sr. (BS ’50) of Effingham died March 27. Dorothy “Dot” McCanless (ABJ ’50) of Orlando, Fla., died Jan. 24. John V. Orr (BSF ’50) of Hot Springs, Ark., died Feb. 9. Alan Clements Patureau (ABJ ’50) of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., died Feb. 17. Isaac Hall Peebles (AB ’50) of Crawfordsville, Ind., died Jan. 5. Bernadene V. Pope (BSHE ’50) of Washington, Ga., died Jan. 4. Walter Leonard Robinson Jr. (BBA ’50) of Matthews, N.C., died Feb. 20. William A. Russell (BSEd ’50, MEd ’62) of Conyers died Aug. 17. Charlcie Holmes Sarratt (M ’50) of Lilburn died Jan. 17. Cecil E. Smith (BBA ’50, MPA ’71) of Augusta died Feb. 18. Beth Holt Spillers (BSHE ’50) of Perry died March 25. Frank Van Haltern (BSAE ’50) of Norcross died Feb. 20. Avril Maxine Wells (BFA ’50) of Statesboro died Feb. 19. Benjamin Tillman Woodham Jr. (BSF ’50) of Signal Mountain, Tenn., died April 8. William Smith “Bill” Ansley (M ’51) of Duluth died Feb. 29. Weymon Bazemore (BSA ’51) of Metter died Dec. 29. Julius E. Bell (M ’51) of Florence, Ala., died July 19. Thomas Keith Boswell Jr. (BBA ’51) of Savannah died Jan. 25. William Lee Carter Jr. (DVM ’51) of Winter Haven, Fla., died Jan. 11. Jack Lewis Fokes Sr. (AB ’51, EdS ’71) of Montezuma died Jan. 25. John Warner Jones (M ’51) of Dublin died Feb. 29. George Hammond Law Jr. (BBA ’51) of Gainesville died Jan. 14. Beverly G. Leak (AB ’51) of Decatur died Nov. 30, 2011. Thomas Malcolm McComb Jr. (AB ’51) of Marietta died March 17. Norman Stafford (BBA ’51) of Augusta died March 22. Marshall Edward Dixon (BSEd ’52) of Danielsville died Feb. 23. Richard Andrew Dooley II (AB ’52) of Jacksonville, Fla., died Jan. 13. Russell C. Dubberly (BS ’52) of Kingsport, Tenn., died April 1. Nancy B. Green (M ’52) of Thomaston died Feb. 9. Robert Tillman Henderson (BBA ’52) of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., died March 23. Samuel K. Henley (BSPh ’52) of Blackshear died June 17, 2010. Alton Blois Hollis Jr. (M ’52) of Dunwoody died Jan. 16. Barbara Hogan McLees (ABJ ’52) of Dublin died Jan. 20. Rev. J.B. McNeil (AB ’52) of Menlo died Feb. 23. Lawrence Aldridge Nix Jr. (BS ’52, MS ’53) of Baltimore died Aug. 29. Oeland S. Sanders Jr. (BBA ’52) of Atlanta died Jan. 27. Otis Leon Bates Jr. (BBA ’53) of Griffin died April 1. J.S. Perry (BSA ’53, MEd ’75) of Dublin died March 25. Lawton Elbert Samples (BSAE ’53, MS ’66) of Statesboro died Jan. 29. Harry B. Stivarius Jr. (M ’53) of Columbus died March 4. Harvey L. Stowe (BBA ’53) of Atlanta died Feb. 13. Kathryn Patricia Noland Suttles (BFA ’53) of Atlanta died Jan. 17. Wade Thompson (BSPh ’53) of Augusta died April 2. Edwin Lloyd Davidson (ABJ ’54) of Chattanooga died Feb. 26. Preston M. Givens (DVM ’54) of Richmond, Va., died Jan. 16. J. Lane Johnston (LLB ’54) of Savannah died Jan. 21. Dorsey Sanders Jr. (DVM ’54) of Hawthorne, Fla., died Aug. 9. Betty Carol Ridlehuber Tulisalo (BSEd ’54) of Atlanta died Jan. 28.


Donald Elton Cadwallader (MS ’55) of Davidson, N.C., died Jan. 11. John Hayes Cobb (BBA ’55) of Cary, N.C., died Feb. 17. Harold Nathan Dennis (MEd ’55, EdD ’59) of Lawrenceville died Jan. 25. Eugene Hilburn Methvin (ABJ ’55) of McLean, Va., died Jan. 19. Mary Agnes Renfroe Taryla (BSNE ’55) of Lithia Springs died Jan. 20. Theodore Edward Barner Jr. (BBA ’56, MBA ’57) of Roswell died Jan. 20. Grocer Cleveland Cobb Jr. (BS ’56, MS ’57) of Raleigh, N.C., died April 11. Gus Thomas Hlebovy (BSEd ’56) of Granville, Ohio, died Dec. 20. Lillian Lackland Sullivan (BFA ’56) of Albany, Ga., died Feb. 25. Johnnie Lou Few (BSEd ’57, MEd ’74) of Macon died March 16. Carolyn Blackburn Hogan (BSHE ’57) of Statesboro died Jan. 31. Raymond Neal (BBA ’57) of Toccoa died March 18. Paul Wesley Newsome Jr. (BBA ’57) of Columbus died March 28. Frank Orris (BS ’57) of Cumming died Jan. 20. Samuel Evins IV (BBA ’58) of Atlanta died Feb. 13. Sylvia Jorgeson Fehr (ABJ ’58) of Thomaston died Jan. 7. Paul Freer (DVM ’58) of Mount Airy, N.C., died March 31. Phil Lamar Harrison (BSA ’58) of Lavonia died April 7. John T. Joiner (BBA ’58) of Atlanta died Feb. 22. Leslie Y. Pounds (BSA ’58) of Atlanta died Jan. 6. Daniel V. Vickers Sr. (BS ’58) of Chatsworth died Jan. 8. John R. Bolding (BSEd ’59) of Buford died March 3. Nicholas T. Bracco Jr. (BSEd ’59) of West Mifflin, Pa., died March 3. Robert William Fortenbach (BSA ’59, MS ’60) of Canyon Lake, Texas, died Aug. 2. Rickard Hawkins Sr. (BSA ’59) of Alpharetta died April 1. William “Billy” Emmett Mitchell III (BBA ’59) of Jonesboro died Jan. 9. James C. Pickens (BS ’59) of Toccoa died Sept. 18. Thomas L. Varner Jr. (BSPh ’59) of Columbus, Ohio, died April 8. Julia W. Waters (BS ’59) of Moultrie died Feb. 15.


Carl E. Dubose (BSA ’60) of Jupiter, Fla., died Feb. 28. Ron McKinley (BBA ’60) of Apple Valley, Calif., died Feb. 1. Carole Ann Griffin (BSEd ’61) of Tallahassee, Fla., died Jan. 7. V.C. Lovell (DVM ’61) of Gainesville died March 22. James Rasnake Jr. (BBA ’61) of Atlanta died Feb. 9. Klaus Steinbeck (BSF ’61, MS ’63) of Watkinsville died Feb. 16. Kenneth Whitmire (BSA ’61) of Roswell died Feb. 1. George Alfred Williams (BBA ’61) of North Augusta, S.C., died April 4. James Bacon Jr. (BBA ’62) of Lilburn died Feb. 7. Raymond Bigelow Cooper (BSA ’62, MS ’64) of Meigs died Feb. 13. Gerald Cowart (BSA ’62) of Savannah died Jan. 11. Benjamin Harris Knight Sr. (BSF ’62) Vandiver, Ala., died March 1. W. Kenneth McDaniel (MEd ’62, EdS ’71) of Sugar Hill died March 7. Michael P. Medlock (BSF ’62) of Conyers died Dec. 31. John Ernest Mundy III (BBA ’62) of Augusta died April 13. Faith Hubert “Woo” Newell (BSEd ’62) of Greensboro, N.C., died Jan. 16. John Cannon Stone Jr. (BBA ’62) of Atlanta died April 4. Alvan Arnall (JD ’63) of Atlanta died Feb. 3. David Kent Clark (ABJ ’63) of Fayetteville died March 9. Marie Ingram Crow (BSHE ’63) of Oakwood died Jan. 6. William P. Hoover (MEd ’63, EdS ’71) of McCaysville died June 1, 2011. Faye Youmans Richards (BSEd ’63) of Cumming died Jan. 24. Cecil Glenn Ford (BSA ’64) of Columbia, S.C., died Jan. 9. John Robert Joiner (AB ’64, JD ’76) of Snellville died April 3. Janice Levin (BSEd ’64) of Atlanta died March 11. Lewis “Lew” Edward Wadsworth (BBA ’64) of Hastings, Fla., died Feb. 15. Mary Evelyn Warren (MEd ’64) of Abbeville died Oct. 13, 2011.


Gwendolyn Gail Adams (BSEd ’65) of Cartersville died Feb. 20. Patricia Lou Dudley (BSEd ’65) of Athens died March 11. Elizabeth Ellis Abney Gomez (BFA ’65) of San Ramon, Calif., died Dec. 20. Patricia Catherine Hoveland (AB ’65, MEd ’75) of Athens died Feb. 8. David J. Mauldin (BBA ’65) of Douglasville died Feb. 10. Grady L. Murphy (ABJ ’65) of Jacksonville, Fla., died Dec. 17. Paul V. Thompson (MEd ’65) of Winter Haven, Fla., died March 29. Judith Ann “Jann” Vogel (AB ’65) of St. Paul, Minn., died Jan. 9. Grayson Davis White (BBA ’65, MEd ’82, EdS ’84) of Buckhead died July 21. Wilson C. Barber (BSA ’66) of Huntsville, Ala., died Feb. 7. George Grumbles (BSA ’66) of Bainbridge died April 9. Clifton Lee Hale Sr. (ABJ ’66) of Pine Mountain died Dec. 27. Bowden Hires Jr. (BSPh ’66) of Leesburg died March 8. Johnny L. Alberson (BSAE ’67) of Brunswick died Feb. 14. L.R. Fuller (BSPh ’67) of Douglas died Jan. 23. Peter Joseph John Rowe (MEd ’67, PhD ’70) of Bradenton, Fla., died Oct. 4. Cleo G. Surles (MEd ’67) of Covington died March 8. John Aaron (BBA ’68) of Decatur died Jan. 19. James “Jim” Robert Cothran (MLA ’68) of Atlanta died Jan. 29. David Lee Hitchens (PhD ’68) of Olympia, Wash., died Feb. 15. John Parham Holmes III (MA ’68) of Auburn, Ala., died Feb. 11. Robert McLaurin Horton (BFA ’68) of Dillon, S.C., died Jan. 10. Harry E. Johnson Jr. (BBA ’68) of Daniels, W. Va., died Feb. 19. William R. Laroche (BS ’68) of North Charleston, S.C., died Sept. 17. Donna Sweat Mace (BSEd ’68) of Atlanta died July 14. Jeanne Anne “Jenna” Whitehead (ABJ ’68) of Opelika, Ala., died Jan. 8. Brenda Roberts Bigham (MEd ’69, EdS ’77, EdS ’83) of Duluth died March 6. W. Eugene Burkhart Jr. (BSA ’69) of Blandon, Pa., died April 8. James Scott Callan (AB ’69) of Rome died Feb. 26. Gary Howard Crowe (BSA ’69) of Heuvelton, N.Y., died Dec. 29. Patricia Drew Edwards (DVM ’69) of Lilburn died Feb. 10. Wallace Eugene Griner (BS ’69) of Columbus died March 13. Patricia Roswell Karatela (MSW ’69) of Calhoun died March 17. Nick A. Matula (BSEd ’69) of Rome died Oct. 23. Thomas Luther Prickett (BSA ’69) of Marietta died March 8. Freeman Walker Jr. (MSW ’69) of McCormick, S.C., died April 3.


Timothy Richardson Alter (MBA ’70) of Lighthouse Point, Fla., died April 10. Judith Stanley Bearden (BSEd ’70) of Peachtree City died Feb. 29. Larry House (AB ’70) of Atlanta died Aug. 1. Jimmie Lee Turner (BM ’70) of Conyers died Feb. 15. Ira Pat Shepherd III (BBA ’70) of Newnan died Feb. 4. Walter Szetela (EdD ’70) of Delta, British Columbia, Canada, died Jan. 31. Molly Walter-Burnham (MA ’70) of Mount Savage, Md., died March 24. Thomas C. Allen (MEd ’71) of Sheridan, Wyo., died Nov. 11. Marianne Curran Brumby (BSEd ’71, MEd ’80) of Athens died Feb. 21. Lynn Wimberly Burson (AB ’71) of Atlanta died March 22. William C. Butz (BS ’71) of Atlanta died Aug. 2. Keith William Chapin (BS ’71, DVM ’74) of Loxahatchee, Fla., died March 2. Denise Anne Donohue (BSEd ’71) of Bluffton, S.C., died Dec. 4. Mohamed El-Attar (PhD ’71) of Decatur died Feb. 28. Elsie Cheek Fulghum (EdS ’71) of Americus died Jan. 15. Willie W. Hussey (MEd ’71) of Cumming died Oct. 22. George Terry Jackson (JD ’71) of Savannah died March 30. Linda Shipman Landgraf (MA ’71) of Cinnaminson, N.J., died Jan. 9. Randy Lane McElroy (AB ’71) of Danielsville died April 12. Marcus Hughes Nobles (MEd ’71) of Glennville died March 26. Herschel Benton Thompson Sr. (EdS ’71) of Perry died Feb. 12. Elinor Maxwell Bond (MEd ’72) of Hartwell died March 18. Christine Yawn Brown (EdS ’72) of McRae died March 1. George Samuel “Sammy” Cunningham (MEd ’72) of Alto died Jan. 18. Odell Cunningham (BBA ’72) of Mauldin, S.C., died July 16. Philip L. Fortner (BSPh ’72) of Statesboro died Feb. 10. Elizabeth Prescott McDonald (MSW ’72) of Decatur died Dec. 29. Robert “Bob” Franklin Morrow (MEd ’72) of Suwanee died April 15. Winston Paul Stringer (AB ’72) of Cartersville died Oct. 5. David M. Gilley (BS ’73) of Fairburn died July 8. Theresa Ann King (ABJ ’73) of Atlanta died March 7. Robert W. Woods (BMus ’73) of Montgomery, Ala., died Feb. 28. Dave Brotherton (MEd ’74, EdD ’76) of Lakemont died Feb. 9. Martha R. Burch (MEd ’74) of Gainesville died July 27. Carleen Arrington Jones (EdS ’74) of Bishop died April 4. Barbara Loden Martin (MSW ’74) of Atlanta died Jan. 27. Susan Anita Muse (BSEd ’74) of Blue Ridge died March 1. James Hubert Page III (ABJ ’74) of Marianna, Fla., died Dec. 9. Arthur Rex Sheppard Sr. (MEd ’74) of Cataula died Aug. 6. Ronald N. Smith (AB ’74) of Atlanta died Jan. 1. Thomas O’Neal Varner (BSAE ’74) of Commerce died March 18.


Jerry Lee Burton (MBA ’75) of Decherd, Tenn., died Jan. 7. George Thomas Byrd (BS ’75, MS ’88, PhD ’92) of Ferrum, Va., died Feb. 14. Thomas Roy Henderson (BSEd ’75) of Sandy Springs died Feb. 26. Martha R. Koch (MPA ’75) of Atlanta died Nov. 6. Abigail E. Miller (ABJ ’75) of Columbus died Feb. 21. Daniel Quirk (EdD ’75) of Warner Robins died March 20. Edwin Lee Broom (DVM ’76, BSA ’76) of Chattanooga died Dec. 7. Harry Von Early III (BFA ’76) of Alpharetta died Nov. 21, 2011. Charles Mark Mitchell (M ’76) of Evans died Jan. 19. Robert B. Nett Jr. (BS ’76, BSPh ’78) of San Antonio died Feb. 16. Corinne Glover Thompson Page (MEd ’76) of Vidalia died Feb. 28. Dale Patrick Smith (AB ’76, MPA ’76, PhD ’84, JD ’85) of Toccoa died March 10. Patrick Andrew Bremer (BS ’77, DVM ’82) of Savannah died March 4. Dawn Marie North (ABJ ’77) of Fairhope, Ala., died Feb. 19. Barbara Dell Poston (ABJ ’77) of Augusta died March 9. Anderson Taylor (EdS ’77) of Atlanta died Oct. 15. Christopher John Companik (ABJ ’78) of Atlanta died Feb. 23. James Terrell “Terry” Garland (BSPH ’78) of Atlanta died March 30. Carl E. Knight (BSEd ’78, MEd ’87) of Rutledge died Jan. 7. Marcia A. Stefani (BSA ’78, MPPPM ’80) of Hampton, Va., died March 19. Randall Oliver Manning (BSA ’79, MS ’82, PhD ’86) of Athens died Jan. 16. Jerry Patrick Murphy (BSEd ’79, MEd ’81) of Athens died March 10. Malinda P. Teel (MSW ’79) of Atlanta died April 16. Fred Lee White Jr. (BSPh ’79) of Lancaster, S.C., died Jan. 16.


Michael Crowley (BSA ’80) of Columbus died March 13. Newton P. Eunice (DVM ’80) of Pelham died April 13. James Marvin Varner (EdD ’80) of Lawrenceville died Aug. 19. Jean Margaret Bryan (BBA ’81) of Athens died Jan. 11. Darlynn Cheryl Glover (AB ’81) of Atlanta died March 8. Robert Carl Sundberg II (JD ’81) of Atlanta died Feb. 22. Hubert Whigham (ABJ ’81) of Atlanta died Feb. 11. Charles K. Harvey III (BMus ’82, MM ’85) of Kingsport, Tenn., died Feb. 8. Lisa Whisnant Meitin (BBA ’82) of Evans died Jan. 24. Katherine Cohen Scardato (ABJ ’82) of Mount Pleasant, S.C., died April 7. Joy Hayes Schomberg (BSHE ’82) of Athens died March 3. Robert Lawter (MAcc ’83) of Atlanta died April 15.  George Lawrence “Larry” Fryer (PhD ’84) of Sandy, Utah, died Jan. 18.


Royce Jordan Jr. (BS ’85) of Lawrenceville died March 22. Sharon Lambert Shatz (BSEd ’85) of Ringgold died Jan. 12. Grady Carl Lewis (BSFR ’87) of Hoboken, N.J.,  died March 15. Kathleen Anne Bronish (BSA ’89) of Pittstown, N.J., died Feb. 12. Joan Schwartz (EdD ’89) of Savannah died March 5. James Barry “Shay” Sellers Jr. (AB ’89) of Amelia Island, Fla., died April 3. Richard Edward “Ricky” Spence (BSA ’89) of Rutledge died Feb. 25.


Maria Antoinette Riley (MSW ’90) of Dublin died Sept. 9. Karen Sisson (BBA ’90) of Augusta died Jan. 17. James K. Chilcoat Jr. (BLA ’91) of Lilburn died Jan. 18. Todd Mark Pace (AB ’91) of McDonough died March 23. Jane Burke (MSW ’93) of Silver Spring, Md., died Jan. 11. Trinia Anderson Fountain (BBA ’93) of Macon died Feb. 13. Perry Ann Smith Marshall (BSFCS ’93) of Charlotte, N.C., died April 2. Caywood Maroney Briscoe (BSEd ’94, MEd ’00) of Lawrenceville died Jan. 18.


Laura Holcomb Barnes (MSW ’95) of McDonough died Feb. 23. Karyn Jane Grant Carson (BSEd ’97) of Watkinsville died March 12. Steven Charles Toci (BBA ’97) of Watkinsville died Feb. 18. Vijaya “Viji” Natarajan (MS ’98) of Berkeley, Calif., died March 15.


Ross Cason Camp (BBA ’03) of Douglasville died Sept. 9.


Logan Upshaw Bentley of Athens died March 23. Jeffery Scott Cook of Atlanta died Jan. 8.