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Winifred Miller Doster (BSHE ’34) of Summerville died June 3. Janie Garrett Jordan (BSEd ’34) of Quitman died June 2. John A. Oxford (BSC ’34, MSA ’35) of Albany died Sept. 21, 2010.


Nina Chafin Jones (BSEd ’35) of Thomson died June 14. Flora Marett Smalley (BSHE ’35) of Walhalla, S.C., died June 21. Fay Keller Nowlen Elliott (AB ’37) of Camden died June 24. Geraldine Adams Patrick (BSEd ’37) of Decatur died July 20. Augusta Cora Jenkins (ABEd ’38, MEd ’45) of Hull died June 24. Irene B. Jones (AB ’38) of Gainesville, Fla., died July 20. Margaret Grace “Gracie” Pettyjohn (M ’39) of Bainbridge died June 19. Frank Mallary Willingham (M ’39) of Macon died July 5.


William Akers Jr. (BSC ’40) of Ormond Beach, Fla., died May 27. Inez Cook Cheshire (ABEd ’40) of Chattanooga, Tenn., died June 19. Annabel Corley Hill (AB ’40) of Augusta died May 16. Hazel Whitehead Ivey (M ’40) of Athens died June 12. Lynda L. Prince (BSC ’40) of Tate died July 14. James Bedingfield Sr. (M ’41) of Baxley died July 4. Rebecca L. Rumpler (BSC ’41) of Madison, Va., died June 10. Sylvia Born (BBA ’42) of Atlanta died July 18. David R. Elmore Sr. (BBA ’42, JD ’48) of Savannah died July 27. Georgia Field Geis (AB ’42) of Atlanta died July 21. Walter C. Hardin Jr. (BBA ’42) of Lilburn died July 13. Dorothy Fawcett Smith (BS ’42) of Bluffton, S.C., died May 12. Wilmer Wallace (BFA ’42) of Augusta died July 28. Frederick Bell Jr. (M ’43) of Moultrie died June 15. Katherine Hooks Ross Byers (BSHE ’43, MEd ’75) of North Augusta, S.C., died June 17. Paul Kluk (BSEd ’43) of Grass Valley, Calif., died May 9. Sara Smith McPhee (ABJ ’43) of Lilburn died July 31. Robert J. Shankle (M ’43) of Chapel Hill, N.C., died June 29. Dr. Carl Newton Simpkins Jr. (BS ’43) of Columbia, Tenn., died May 27. Carolyn Madden Stephenson (M ’43) of Prattville, Ala., died June 12. Marjorie Cravey Taylor (BSEd ’43) of Atlanta died June 9. Olan Daly Parr Sr. (BS ’44, MS ’48) of New Bern, N.C., died July 11. Patricia H. “Patsy” Speight (BSHE ’44) of Unadilla died June 17.


Charles Forrester Barnwell Sr. (M ’50) of Savannah died May 22. Ramon Harold “Ray” Benson (ABJ ’50) of Columbia died May 23. Frank “Buzz” Wellborn Blalock Jr. (ABJ ’50) of Winder died May 23. Ralph Graham “Chuck” Chandler (M ’50) of Roseville, Calif., died May 20. Marion Lewellyn “Lew” Holliman (BS ’50, MEd ’56) of Jefferson died May 20. Bernice Johnson Payne (BSHE ’50) of Palmetto died July 6. William “Billy” Parker Westbrook Jr. (BS ’50) of Albany died May 26. Clarence Edward Burger (M ’51) of Bogart died June 7. Roy Chamlee Jr. (AB ’51) of Greenville, S.C., died May 25. Bettye King Graves (ABJ ’51, MEd ’68) of Gainesville, Ga., died May 25. Roy James Harris Jr. (BBA ’51) of Midway died May 10. Robert A. Hight Jr. (BSA ’51, MSA ’53) of Spartanburg, S.C., died May 12. Pryor Lewis “P.L.” Howard Jr. (BBA ’51) of Chester died June 27, 2010. J. Louis Hunt (BSA ’51) of Villanow, Tenn., died May 10.  Emory Jelks Hunter (BBA ’51) of Camilla died May 18. Thomas Edward “T.E.” Nease (M ’51) of Savannah died May 25. Marjorie Fowler Newton (BFA ’51) of Athens died June 16. George Edward Parker (MEd ’51) of Statesboro died July 21. James Riley Jr. (MA ’51) of Hattiesburg, Miss., died July 21. George Cecil Woodruff Jr. (BBA ’51) of Midland died May 12. Gloria Anne Preston Ahearn (BBA ’52) of Burbank, Calif., died July 14. William Warren Archer (M ’52) of Sparta died May 25. June Harwell Cochran (BSEd ’52) of Sandy Springs died May 17. Jane C. Gray (M ’52) of Statesboro died May 12. Kansie Lee Newton Haynes (BSHE ’52) of Gainesville, Ga., died June 23. Calvin Emanuel Parrish (BSPH ’52) of Rome died May 13. Walter H. Rogers Jr. (DVM ’52) of Newnan died May 7. Charles Harold Smith (BBA ’52) of Moultrie died July 6. Norman Duane Davis (BS ’53) of Auburn, Ala., died July 3. Joyce Gilbert-Barnett (AB ’53) of Dunwoody died July 2. Maurice Vincent Lane (BS ’53) of Milledgeville died May 14. Richard Harris Quinn (BBA ’53) of Greenville, S.C., died June 18. Nancy Dickinson Clements (BSEd ’54) of Miami died July 9.


Carol Buchanan (BSEd ’55) of Amelia Island, Fla., died May 22. Jacquelyn T. “Jackie” Cartlidge (BFA ’55) of Hartwell died May 20. Amon Dana Dacus (MSA ’55) of Conroe, Texas, died June 14. Ruffin Sledge Davis (BSLA ’55) of Talladega, Ala., died June 10. Oscar L. Holmes Jr. (BBA ’55) of Covington died May 26. John Thomas Selman (BSA ’55) of Texas Valley, N.Y., died June 16. Joe Oliver Echols Sr. (BS ’56) of Doraville died May 29. Orlo Kenneth “K” Hagerman Jr. (BBA ’56) of Atlanta died May 14. Robert Black Lamar (BBA ’56) of Augusta died July 20. William D. Mills Jr. (BBA ’56) of Albany died April 21. William C. Moody Jr. (BS ’56, BSPh ’61) of Blue Ridge died March 10. William Northcutt Jr. (BLA ’56) of Joliet, Mo., died July 17. Thomas E. Staton (DVM ’56) of Goldsboro, N.C., died July 7. Noel Swanson (BSEd ’56) of Smyrna died July 12. Eugene Brooks Culpepper (BLA ’57) of Columbus died May 15. Murray Z. Feldman (M ’57) of Monroe Township, N.J., died June 17. Ronald Morton Goldman (BS ’57, BSPh ’63) of Winston-Salem, N.C., died June 21. James C. Harrison Sr. (BBA ’57) of Hartwell died June 23. Clayton “Buddy” McWilliams Jr. (BBA ’58) of Madison died May 27. Gene Earl Michaels (BS ’58, MS ’61, PhD ’67) of Winterville died June 6. Billy G. Edenfield (BSF ’59) of West Monroe, La., died July 3. Dr. David Fulghum (BS ’59) of Bradenton, Fla., died on June 3. Harold Krafchick (BSEd ’59) of Alpharetta died July 5. John C. LeMay (DVM ’59) of Durham, N.C., died June 6.


James H. Collins (MEd ’60) of Lyons died July 17. Ray Evans Garard (ABJ ’60) of Boyton Beach, Fla., died March 21. Sylvia Grey Cox Reddick (BSEd ’60) of Conway, S.C., died July 1. Laurine “Jane” Smith (MEd ’60) of Conyers died July 10. Virginia Wilder (BSEd ’60, MEd ’62, EdS ’71) of Atlanta died May 23. A. Fletcher Dyches (AB ’61) of Tampa, Fla., died June 29. William Robert “Bob” Flowers III (BBA ’61) of Richmond, Va., died June 20. Dorine Cash Greenway (BSEd ’61) of Flowery Branch died July 24. Imogene “Jean” Temple Johnson (BSEd ’61) of Jackson, Miss., died May 11. Wallace Lucas (BSPh ’61) of Cochran died July 19. Carolyn Elizabeth Strickland (BSEd ’61) of Hinesville died July 4. Charles Edwin “Charlie” Smith (BSEd ’62) of Gray died July 7. Warren L. Story (BSAE ’62) of Griffin died May 11. Charles Mathews Gorman Jr. (BLA ’63) of Lake Wales, Fla., died June 6. Jeremy E. Miller Sr. (ABJ ’63) of Savannah died June 18. W. Robert “Bob” Gaines (DVM ’64) of Rapid City, S.D., died May 2. Samuel L. Oliver (AB ’64, LLB ’66) of Gainesville, Ga., died May 25.


Benny L. Bishop (BSPh ’65) of Gainesville, Ga., died March 8. Chester Joseph Cashman Jr. (BSA ’65) of Ithaca, N.Y., died June 9. Joel Franklin Eidson (BSA ’65) of Rutledge died June 4. Sue Anne Stowe Jones (BSEd ’65, MEd ’76) of Athens died July 7. Miki Peter Vasvary (AB ’65) of LaGrange died June 19. Carl V. Hodges (EdD ’66) of Sandy Springs died June 30. Curtis G. Strickland (BSF ’66) of Echols County died May 17. Charles Blackman (AB ’67) of Grand Island, Fla., died July 7. Michael R. Parkes (MS ’67) of Sandy Springs died June 21. David C. Payne (BSPh ’67) of Cordele died May 15. Sarah Carlton Pearson Proctor (BSEd ’67, MEd ’73, EdS ’75) of Athens died June 5. Donald G. Schultz (EdD ’67) of Cumming died June 13. Jon Hunter Spence (AB ’67) of Woodbine died June 20. James Edward Trevithick (BSA ’67, MBA ’70) of Raleigh, N.C., died May 9. J. Randolph Hicks (AB ’68, JD ’75) of Atlanta died July 4. James Brinson Hughes Sr. (MEd ’68) of Dublin, Ga., died July 1. Martha Ellen Brown Stephens (MEd ’68) of Savannah died July 11. James Ashhurst “Jim” Thornley (ABJ ’68) of Cramerton, N.C., died July 2. Frances Sandra Greer Christensen (MEd ’69, EdD ’72) of Pittsburg, Kan., died June 17. Cynthia Ann T. Cornish (BSEd ’69) of Homosassa, Fla., died May 25. Steven B. Smith (BSPh ’69) of Rockmart died July 20.


Jo Ann Beyer (BSEd ’70, MEd ’72) of Lithonia died July 17. Cathy S. Carter (BSHE ’70, EdS ’87) of Americus died July 24. Donniel Doster (MFA ’70) of Fitzgerald died July 9. Jennie Bell Germann Mullin Killilea (EdD ’70) of St. Louis died May 22. Jimmy Don Sheriff (MBA ’70, PhD ’76) of Central, S.C., died June 30. Bertie Mae Garrett (EdS ’71) of Eastman died July 16. Marsha Tunick (BSEd ’71, MEd ’74) of Marietta died May 20. Geraldine R. Bailey (MA ’72) of Lookout Mountain, Ga., died July 7. David R. Fann (BSPh ’72) of Nashville, Tenn., died June 29. Robert “Bob” E. Jennings (EdD ’72) of Bella Vista, Ark., died May 16. Walter Lee Mason (BSEd ’72, MEd ’77) of Griffin died May 22. Idus Thrasher “Ike” Woodruff Jr. (BBA ’72) of Griffin died Jan. 1. Carrie Adamson (ABJ ’73) of Augusta died July 6. Clair C. Engle (PhD ’73) of Cody, Wyo., died June 9. Milford B. Hatcher Jr. (JD ’73) of Atlanta died May 13. Deborah Harbour Mehaffey (BSEd ’73) of Lithonia died June 27. Thomas Jackson Arnold (MEd ’74) of Athens died May 19. Dorothy Ruth Dyal Briscoe (MEd ’74) of Monroe died May 30. Berry Benson Earle III (AB ’74) of Thomasville died June 4. Ernest Wendell Loyd (MEd ’74) of Sandy Springs died June 13.


Charles Edward Burruss (MEd ’75) of Gainesville, Ga., died June 6. Mary D. Camp (MA ’75) of Moreland died July 13. Hymie Epstein (ABJ ’75) of Savannah died June 13. Judd A. Katz (EdD ’75) of Montgomery, Ala., died May 30. Reneé Meadors Hansen (BSHE ’76) of Watkinsville died June 28. Nicholas Kavouklis (AB ’76) of Plano, Texas, died July 4. Margaret Eileen “Maggie” Minear Nettles (MA ’76, PhD ’83) of Athens died June 9. Shirley Jean Wilson (MEd ’76) of Collinsville, Va., died May 20. Peter “Pete” Fusi (BBA ’77) of Commerce died July 30. Hal Robert Kent (MEd ’77) of Hattiesburg, Miss., died Jan. 31. Wendy W. Martin (BSEd ’77, EdS ’05) of Cordele died May 19. Burton Scott Saunders (MA ’77) of Charlotte, N.C., died Dec. 14. Martin Stewart Meeks (BSPh ’79) of Douglas died July 2, 2010. Conny Mack Reid (BSFR ’79) of Thomson died July 17.


Amy Allen (AB ’80, MEd ’81) of Lawrenceville died June 15. Beverly Jordan Amos (BBA ’80) of Gainesville, Fla., died June 3. David Henry Payne (MA ’80, PhD ’88) of Athens died May 26. Peggy Joyce Purser King (EdS ’81) of St. Simons Island died June 4. Don S. Lemmer (JD ’81) of Glendale, Calif., died June 1. Brent Anderson Finley (BBA ’82) of Milton died May 6. Jerry Bolton “Bo” Tullis Jr. (M ’82) of Athens died April 28. Robert Cecil Johnson III (AB ’83) of Lexington died July 17. Shirley A. Daniels (MEd ’84) of Arnoldsville died May 26. Philip Michael Walden Jr. (M ’84) of Atlanta died June 7.


Raymond Morris Mothershed (BSPh ’85) of Charleston, S.C., died July 28. John C. Maloney (ABJ ’86) of Petaluma, Calif., died Nov. 28, 2009. Tishann E. Brown (M ’87) of Atlanta died May 19. Mary Paige Adams (BS ’88, MS ’91) of Tifton died July 3. Thomas Richard Berg (PhD ’88) of Murfreesboro, Tenn., died July 10. Dominique “Nique” Gilmer Chatham (BSEd ’88, MEd ’95) of Lawrenceville died July 9. Anne Proffitt Dupre (JD ’88) of Athens died June 22. Patricia Jean Kelly (MA ’88) of Austin, Texas, died Nov. 14. Tammi Smith Barker (BBA ’89, MEd ’91, EdS ’94) of Athens died May 20. David “Dave” Thomas Etheridge (BBA ’89) of Newfoundland, Calif., died May 6. Elaine M. Lawrence (BSEd ’89) of Lawrenceville died June 10. Tracie Kay Meyer (AB ’89) of Athens died May 14.


David Lee Frederick Jr. (MS ’91, PhD ’94) of Hillsborough, N.C., died June 5. Dr. Brant Edgar Mayher (BS ’91) of Simpsonville, S.C., died June 26. Jane Marie Morrow (MEd ’92, EdS ’93) of Aiken, S.C., died June 14. Charles “Chuck” Benjamin Smith (BBA ’94) of Tiger died May 30.


Henry H. “Hank” DeLoach II (BBA ’95) of Vienna, Ga., died July 9. Mukunda “Mac” Lakshamanarao (LLM ’97) of Athens died July 9. Nancy Louse Pliska Robinson (BSEd ’98, MEd ’00, PhD ’04) of Lawrenceville died June 14.


Shannon Lawrence (M ’07) of Canton died June 5. Brittney Watts (ABJ ’07) of Decatur died July 15.


Stephen A. Varzaly (BBA ’11) of Snellville died July 12.


Dalton Allan Rozier of Culloden died June 8. Richard Olaf Sabine Jr. of Athens died May 24. Lexis Sierra Schantz of Sandy Springs died May 30.