Compiled by Grace Morris and Meg Twomey

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Dr. Samuel J. Arnold (BS ’34) of Hackettstown, N.J., died Sept. 9. Willie Mae “Bill” Bargeron (ABEd ’34) of Sardis died June 1. Elizabeth M. Bolt (AB ’34) of Anderson, S.C., died Sept. 17. Sarah L. McConnell (BSHE ’34) of Comer died Sept. 26. Myrtle “Mimi” Sands (BSHE ’34) of Winter Park, Fla., died Aug. 31.


E. Frank Deese (BSCh ’35, MS ’37) of Ada, Okla., died Sept. 5. Polly Ridgeway Jones (AB ’35) of Canon died Aug. 21. George E. Garrard (BSA ’36) of Washington, Ga., died Aug. 13. Mary White Leyda (ABEd ’36, MEd ’54) of Athens died Aug. 27. Annie Frances Moorman (MA ’36) of Douglas died April 21. Arnold Shulman (JD ’36) of Atlanta died Aug. 4. Mary G. McMurria (ABJ ’37) of Bradenton, Fla., died Sept. 28. Ben H. Parham Sr. (BSA ’37) of Talbotton died Oct. 13. Coy H. Poitevint (BSA ’37) of Dothan, Ala., died Aug. 21. Edwina Crawford Harris (BSEd ’39) of Columbus died Nov. 7. Elizabeth Holman (ABEd ’39) of Albany died Oct. 12. W. Marion Reed (M ’39) of Athens died Aug. 6.


Franklin C. Bacon Sr. (ABJ ’40) of Milledgeville died Sept. 28. Ethel Odell Dillard (BSHE ’40) of Arnoldsville, Ga., died Oct. 28. William H. Parady (BSAE ’40, EdD ’77) of Valdosta died Sept. 7. Estelle Barron Bowen (BSHE ’41) of Rome, Ga., died Oct. 12. Thomas Howard Edwards Jr. (BSEd ’41, MEd ’50, EdS ’71) of Savannah died Sept. 28. Loy A. Everett (BSA ’41, MSA ’42) of Flower Mound, Texas, died Aug. 31. Lucy B. Ham (AB ’41) of Southampton, N.Y., died Sept. 15. Myrtice Draughon Haskell (BSC ’41) of Savannah died Sept. 28. Earl Reid McLaughlin (BSF ’41) of Lynwood, Wash., died Sept. 5. Lou Ellen Purdom (BSHE ’41) of Baxley died July 27. Hugh L. Wallace Jr. (BFA ’41) of Gainesville, Ga., died Sept. 12. Martha Wood Grainger (ABJ ’42) of Charlotte, N.C., died Oct. 3. Eugene H. Hudson (BSA ’42, MEd ’51, EdS ’72) of Manchester died Aug. 10. Martha McCrary Lanier (BBA ’42) of Atlanta died Sept. 2. Josephine S. LeCraw (AB ’42) of Columbus, N.C., died Aug. 11.  Anita Fennell Marvin (AB ’42) of Savannah died Aug. 21. Charles Tillman Niblett (AB ’42) of Tucson, Ariz., died Sept. 20. Leila T. Williams (BSHE ’42) of Austell died Aug. 3. Selby G. Benton (BBA ’43) of Warrenton, N.C., died Aug. 26. John W. Corbin Jr. (BSF ’43) of Rome, Ga., died Oct. 21. Robert Harrison (BSA ’43) of Atlanta died Sept. 15. Needham H. Layton (BSA ’43) of Tifton died Aug. 30. John S. McElmurray (BSA ’43) of Hephzibah died Sept. 4. Morris O. “Mo” Phelps (BSEd ’43, EdD ’56) of Athens died Sept. 16. John W. Richardson Jr. (BBA ’43) of Columbus, Ga., died Sept. 18. Charles A. Bruce (M ’44) of Gainesville, Ga., died Aug. 14. Irene H. Johnston (BFA ’44) of Jacksonville, Fla., died Aug. 22. Catherine McMichael (BBA ’44) of Clute, Texas, died June 17. James Harris Mize (M ’44) of Alpharetta died July 19. Sarah S. Thorelli (AB ’44) of Bloomington, Ind., died Sept. 27.


Dr. Harold G. Jarrell Sr. (M ’45) of Butler died Aug. 21. Reuel Stafford (MEd ’45) of LaGrange, Ga., died Aug. 2. June H. Wester (BSHE ’45) of Canton died Aug. 20. William Cheeley Sr. (M ’46) of Buford died Oct. 21. Charlotte D. Jennings (ABJ ’46) of Augusta died Sept. 30. Lucy B. Morris (BSHE ’46) of Silverhill, Ala., died Oct. 31. Jamie B. Silver (BSEd ’46, MBA ’50) of Lumberton, N.C., died Aug. 12. Nina  “Katie” Stewart (BSEd ’46) of Conyers died Aug. 11. Anna Braziel Watkins (BSEd ’46) of Atlanta died July 28. Mary B. Burosas (AB ’47) of Comer died Aug. 23. Ralph Griffin (BSA ’47) of Griffin, Ga., died Oct. 18. Ben T. Huiet Jr. (BBA ’47) of Sandy Springs died Sept. 10. Zadie A. Scott (AB ’47) of Atlanta died Aug. 18. Thomas C. Carnes (BSA ’48) of Colquitt died Sept. 26. John Marshall Carter Sr. (M ’48) of Jackson died Oct. 20. George “Bill” Daniel (BBA ’48) of Cuthbert died July 26. Benjamin Z. Ginsberg (BBA ’48) of Dunwoody died Aug. 14. Mary Claire C. Hall (ABJ ’48) of Augusta died Sept. 12. George M. Holliman (BSA ’48, MEd ’66) of Warrenton, Ga., died Oct. 30. William Lee Lassetter (BS ’48) of Charlottesville, Va., died Oct. 2. Herman Lamar Matthews (ABJ ’48) of Atlanta died Aug. 16. John Monroe Murray (BSF ’48) of Lawrenceville died July 18. Eleanor Lackland Gibson Nalley (AB ’48) of Gainesville, Ga., died Aug. 7. William A. Nevin Jr. (BBA ’48, JD ’50) of Cedar Park, Texas, died July 30. William R. Reece Jr. (BLA ’48) of Atlanta died Aug. 10. Justice George Thornewell Smith (LLB ’48) of Marietta died Aug. 23. Robert E. Adams (BBA ’49) of Gainesville, Ga., died Sept. 2. Evelyn Bird (AB ’49, MA ’53) of Arlington, Va., died Nov. 5. Howard Z. Carrington (BBA ’49) of Arab, Ala., died Oct. 1. David Faus Sr. (BBA ’49) of Stone Mountain, Ga., died Oct. 17. William N. Hatcher (BSA ’49) of Albany, Ga., died Sept. 27. Dr. Gordon Walker Jackson (BS ’49) of Macon, Ga., died Nov. 4. Norman Kronick (BBA ’49) of Fort Worth, Texas, died Aug. 4. Pat McCurry (BSHE ’49) of Gainesville, Ga., died Sept. 25. Fuller G. Pedrick Jr. (M ’49) of Quitman died Oct. 24. Richard T. Plampin (BBA ’49) of Sunnyvale, Calif., died Aug. 1. Kathleen Reeves (BSEd ’49) of Atlanta died Sept. 28. Edward Mincey Rich (ABJ ’49) of Friendswood, Texas, died Oct. 29. James Clinton Roberts (AB ’49) of Atlanta died Aug. 19. Sandra Rowe (BFA ’49) of Madison died Sept. 19. Margaret E. Vaughn (ABJ ’49) of St. Petersburg, Fla., died Aug. 1.


John E. Bailey (BBA ’50) of Atlanta died Aug. 25. Samuel M. Bailey (BSEd ’50) of Sanibel Island, Fla., died Sept. 21. Emily B. Calhoun (MA ’50) of Decatur died Oct. 1. Roscoe L. Drake (DVM ’50) of Gainesville, Fla., died Sept. 24. Sidney T. Gattis Jr. (BSLA ’50) of Columbia, S.C., died Aug. 15. Claire Virginia Hadden (BSHE ’50) of Ellijay died Aug. 6. Octavia Y. Harvey (MEd ’50) of Fort Worth, Texas, died Oct. 6. Thomas H. Helton (BSA ’50, MAEx ’66) of Cumming died Aug. 7. Caroll B. Leavell (M ’50) of Washington, Ga., died Oct. 24. Ann Stubbs Harris McCarthy (AB ’50) of Savannah died Aug. 6. Fonville McWhorter Jr. (AB ’50) of Atlanta died Oct. 17. Howard Tyus Powell (BSF ’50) of Cedar Key, Fla., died July 31. Samuel E. Ratchford (BBA ’50) of Atlanta died July 18. Luther O. Robinson (M ’50) of Waynesboro, Ga., died Feb. 14. Burl V. Rowan (BSEd ’50) of Atlanta died Oct. 17. John M. Shavis (BSF ’50) of Charlottesville, Va., died Oct. 26. William E. Waddy Jr. (BBA ’50) of Suwanee died Aug. 18. Charles C. Wansley Sr. (ABJ ’50) of Elberton died July 20. Lewis A. Woodall (BBA ’50) of Louisville, Ky., died Oct. 29. May O’Hara Awe (BSHE ’51) of San Antonio died Aug. 29 Mavis Baggett Banks (M ’51) of Meter, Ga., died Nov. 6. Jackie Foster Conley (BFA ’51) of Columbus died Oct. 2. William L. Dockery Jr. (MSA ’51, BSA ’51, MEd ’68) of Cartersville died Aug. 6. James Harold Farmer (MS ’51) of Winder died Sept. 19. Helen Beavers Flanders (ABJ ’51) of North Augusta, S.C., died Oct. 14. John “Mac” Garrison (BBA ’51) of Griffin died July 31. Harry Edward Mili (ABJ ’51) of Merritt Island, Fla., died July 24. John H. Mobley II (AB ’51, JD ’53) of Atlanta died Oct. 26. James L. Thurmond (BBA ’51) of Marietta died Oct. 21. Fred Williams (BS ’51) of St. Albans, W. Va., died Oct. 19. Margaret Maree Elliott Zeigler (M ’51) of Savannah died Oct. 26. Billy A. Abner (M ’52) of Winder, Ga., died Oct. 30. Kay K. Brown (BSEd ’52) of Dalton, Ga., died Nov. 4. Dr. Hubert R. Buxton Jr. (BS ’52) of Macon died Sept. 7. Janette Cook (AB ’52) of Gainesville, Ga., died Sept. 1. Odell Dyer (MEd ’52) of Gainesville, Ga., died Oct. 11. Jerry Fields (M ’52) of Dunwoody died Oct. 25. Allen Neal Page (AB ’52) of Marietta died Feb. 5. Clinton Bruce Parkerson (BSA ’52) of Decatur, Ga., died Oct. 28. James “Ed” Yates (ABJ ’52) of Orlando, Fla., died Oct. 14. Gladys Going Faris (BFA ’53) of Wilmington, N.C., died Aug. 2. Marcus C. Gibbs (DVM ’53) of Arlington, Ga., died Sept. 27. Dr. Julian Tanenbaum (M ’53) of Atlanta died Aug. 15. George “Bill” Harrell Jr. (JD ’54) of Bluffton, S.C., died July 25. Aris C. Lindsey (DVM ’54) of Vero Beach, Fla., died Aug. 24. William G. Scruggs (BS ’54) of Newnan died Feb. 28. William G. “Bill” Warnell III (AB ’54, MA ’56) of Washington, D.C., died Oct. 29.


John T. Haynes Jr. (AB ’55) of Newnan died Oct. 17. Warren S. Jackson (BBA ’55) of Gainesville, Ga., died Aug. 21. George C. Neserke (DVM ’55) of Largo, Fla., died Aug. 18. Billy Ray White Sr. (BBA ’55) of Winder died Oct. 1. Jack Dempsey Boggs (BSA ’56) of Atlanta died July 25. Doug Foster (BSA ’56) of Fitzgerald, Ga., died Oct. 1. Thomas H. Gregory II (BBA ’56) of Stockbridge died Sept. 12. Wilfred J. Jacques Jr. (LLB ’56) of Waycross died Oct. 13. Edwin Ray Jones (BSEd ’56, JD ’59) of Littleton, Colo., died Aug. 9. Harry H. Price Jr. (DVM ’56) of Emory, Va., died July 31. Beverly L. Tanenbaum (BS ’56) of Atlanta died Aug. 15. James H. Williams Jr. (BSEd ’56) of Athens died Aug. 27. James K. Brown (BSEd ’57) of Thiensville, Wis., died Aug. 28. Newell M. Epperson Jr. (AB ’57, MEd ’66) of Ootewah, Tenn., died July 21. Don Hight (BSEd ’57, MEd ’62, EdD ’83) of Winder, Ga., died Oct. 26. Melvine Hollis Johnson Sr. (BSA ’57, MEd ’62) of Tiger, Ga., died Oct. 28. Thomas F. Lear Jr. (BS ’57) of Thomasville, Ga., died Sept. 12. Dr. Stanley Levine (BS ’57) of Atlanta died Sept. 19. Richard A. Lipshutz (AB ’57) of Atlanta died Sept. 8. Ann E. McKain (AB ’57, MEd ’66, EdD ’70) of Atlanta died Oct. 2. Kell Freeman Mitchell Jr. (AB ’57, MA ’60, PhD ’66) of Memphis died July 25. Shelly “S.E.” Shuman (BSF ’57) of Pembroke, Ga., died Nov. 8. Frederick P. Outlaw (BBA ’58) of Athens died Oct. 7. Janice T. Uttley (AB ’58) of Charlotte, N.C., died Sept. 18. Richard Bruce Jones (BSA ’59) of Sylvester died Oct. 20. Jerome M. McCabe (BSEd ’59) of California, Md., died Aug. 27. Walter “Sid” Newton (BS ’59) of Matthews died Aug. 17. James L. O’Hagan Jr. (BSF ’59) of Fernandina Beach, Fla., died Oct. 16. Frank J. Siccardi (DVM ’59) of Fayetteville, Ark., died Sept. 10. Wallace William “Bill” Taylor Jr. (MEd ’59) of Dover, Ga., died Oct. 30.


James R. Cagle Jr. (BSEd ’60, MEd ’61) of Eatonton, Ga., died Oct. 16. John Edward “Nicky” Crowe (BSA ’60) of Hazlehurst, Wis., died Sept. 22. Max J. Lewallen (BSAE ’60, MS ’64) of Nail’s Creek died July 6. Neil D. Porter (DVM ’60) of West Columbia, S.C., died Aug. 22. Elizabeth B. Reese (MEd ’60, EdS ’71) of Thomson, Ga., died Feb. 25. James Brandt Sessions (BBA ’60) of Macon died Aug. 1. Grover “Geepy” Sykes (BSF ’60) of Atlanta died Oct. 14. Gregory R. Toth (ABJ ’60) of Waleska died Aug. 2. Lillie Oellerich Tussey (MEd ’60) of Augusta died Oct. 5. Virginia Vance Ward (BSEd ’60) of Wentworth, N.C., died Sept. 5. Nancy J. Ivey (BSEd ’61) of Atlanta died Oct. 26. Thomas Truitt Morgan (BBA ’61) of LaGrange, Ga., died Nov. 1. John Pate Bridges Jr. (BSEd ’62) of Cordele, Ga., died Oct. 21. Walter B. Henderson (ABJ ’62) of Birmingham, Ala., died Oct. 13. Charles “Charlie” Armour Burnett (MEd ’63) of Griffin, Ga., died Nov. 6. George E. Pilgrim III (BBA ’63) of Gainesville, Ga., died Oct. 23. Everett W. Stone (BSA ’63, MS ’64) of White Plains, N.Y., died July 4. Ray Ernest Bailey (BSA ’64) of Gainesville, Ga., died Aug. 26. Lillian Massey Benson (BSEd ’64) of Danielsville, Ga., died Oct. 16. Lynda M. Gray (BSEd ’64) of Albany, Ga., died Oct. 4. John J. Maher (MA ’64, PhD ’68) of Arlington, Va., died Oct. 15. The Rev. Thomas E. Moody Sr. (AB ’64) of Stone Mountain died Aug. 3. Richard C. Seltzer (BS ’64) of Richmond, Va., died Aug. 27. Rowell “Rowdy” Stanton Jr. (AB ’64) of Carrollton, Texas, died Aug. 2.


Edward “Harry” Chappelear (BSPh ’65) of Toccoa died Sept. 2. Edgar D. Clary III (BBA ’65) of Augusta died Aug. 14. Ada H. Elder (BSEd ’65, MEd ’80) of Jefferson died Aug. 5. Julia A. Elliott (BSHE ’65) of Douglas, Ga., died Oct. 15. Robert Thomas Kitchens (AB ’65) of San Antonio died July 24. Major C. Rhodes (MEd ’65) of Spartanburg, S.C., died Sept. 1. Margaret M. Rodgers (MEd ’65, EdS ’71) of Athens died July 30. Ruth M. Skelton (BSEd ’65) of Hartwell died Aug. 20. Ronald B. Southerland (BSF ’65) of Macon died Oct. 8. Walter T. Szyndler (BSA ’65) of Washington, D.C., died July 10. John Terrell (AB ’65) of Columbus died July 29. Suresh C. Tiwari (MS ’65, PhD ’69) of Fayette, Miss., died Oct. 3. F. Michael Chappell (BBA ’66) of Lilburn, Ga., died Oct. 30. Keren N. Gilreath (BFA ’66) of Ellensburg, Wash., died Oct. 6. Michael Shepherd (ABJ ’66) of Avondale, Ga., died Oct. 22. Aubrey Dennis Strickland (BSPh ’66) of Jonesboro died May 23. Susan Yancey Whitaker (BSEd ’66) of Atlanta died Aug. 4. Shirley Ford Adams (BFA ’67) of Austell, Ga., died Oct. 16. James E. Dennard (BBA ’67) of Jacksonville, Fla., died Aug. 11. John Allen Riley (PhD ’67) of Charleston, S.C., died Aug. 7. John W. Shaw III (DVM ’67) of Sutter, S.C., died Aug. 21. William F. Underwood Jr. (ABJ ’67) of Albany died July 22. George Collier Ayers (BLA ’68) of Birmingham, Ala., died July 25. Jack Russell Crosby (BSEd ’68, MEd ’70) of Atlanta died Oct. 18. Edith Farmer Johnson (BSEd ’68) of Covington, Ga., died Sept. 21. Frederick R. Ream (MFA ’68, PhD ’71) of Pelham, Ala., died Oct. 21. John L. Tison III (AB ’68, JD ’71) of Wichita Falls, Texas, died Aug. 22. Robert Blanchard (MEd ’69, PhD ’71) of Durham, N.H., died Sept. 15. Linda R. Emmel (MEd ’69) of Fort Myers, Fla., died July 29. Marvin E. Schramm Jr. (BBA ’69) of Dawson, Ga., died Sept. 12. Bijan Sepasy (BSA ’69, MS ’71, PhD ’75) of Washington, D.C., died Sept. 8.


Jan B. DeCarlo (AB ’70) of Washington, D.C., died May 11. Virginia McCall Gore (EdD ’70) of Spartanburg, S.C., died Aug. 29. Joanne R. Hardy (BSEd ’70) of Conyers died Oct. 4. Robert D. Harmon (MEd ’70) of Richmond, Va., died Oct. 2. Betty Jo L. Shrouder (BSEd ’70, MEd ’73) of Broxton died Aug. 26. Wilbert Curtis Williams (MEd ’70, EdD ’72) of Tallassee, Ala., died Aug. 23. Patricia Ann Harris Andrew (AB ’71, MSW ’73) of Culloden, Ga., died Nov. 3. Jo Carter Bewley (MEd ’71, EdS ’74) of Houston, Texas, died Oct. 29. Thomas Edward Bradley (BSEd ’71) of Ellijay, Ga., died Oct. 31. William B. Copeland (AB ’71, MEd ’72) of Lilburn died Oct. 19. Glenn A. Crews (BBA ’71) of Colbert, Ga., died Oct. 15. Bernard McMonigle (BBA ’71) of Sacramento died Sept. 4. Karen Tucker Moore (BSHE ’71) of LaFayette died Aug. 18. Benjamin S. Silas (EdS ’71) of Decatur died Oct. 8. Sibyl R.  Smith (MEd ’71) of Milledgeville died Oct. 11. Michael Allen Timmerman (BBA ’71) of Anderson, S.C., died Oct. 15. Sue Siceloff Tomlinson (MA ’71) of Anderson, S.C., died Oct. 11. Barney Michael Byrd (MA ’72) of Macon, Ga., died Nov. 2. James H. Gordon (BBA ’72, MAcc ’75, JD ’76) of Tifton, Ga., died Oct. 29. Craig W. Holland (BBA ’72) of Bucksport, Maine, died Sept. 13. Barbara B. Houston (MA ’72) of Houston, Texas, died Sept. 27. Larry L. Needham (PhD ’72) of Dahlonega died Oct. 23. Samuel R. O’Dell (PhD ’72) of Morristown, Tenn., died April 10. Mark Leonard Plotkin (BS ’72) of Tampa, Fla., died Oct. 20. Linda Joyce Sanders (BSEd ’72) of Atlanta died Nov. 1. Charles Calvin Toole (MPA ’72) of Augusta died Sept. 19. Sidney W. Barge (BBA ’73) of Albany died Aug. 15. Robert Jon Erb Sr. (JD ’73) of Savannah died Sept. 5. Charles H. Henry (BS ’73) of Lawrenceville died Oct. 5. Ronald C. Karwoski (BBA ’73, JD ’76) of Atlanta died Oct. 21. Walter W. Peacock (MEd ’73) of Eastman died Aug. 4. Ella Mae Berg (MEd ’74, EdS ’77) of Toccoa died June 6. Jerry C. Gray (BBA ’74) of Commerce died Oct. 8. Susan Thompson Harris (BBA ’74) of Atlanta died July 22. Eddie “Bay” Porter (PhD ’74) of Manchester, Ga., died Oct. 29. Frances H. Simmone (MEd ’74) of Hapeville died Oct. 8.


Glenn E. Matthews (BBA ’75) of Thomaston died Aug. 13. Mary Lee Steele (MEd ’75) of Toccoa died July 22. Tony Lee Carter (M ’76) of Buford, Ga., died Oct. 29. Robert Akin (BSA ’78, MPPM ’80) of Lawrenceville died Sept. 15. Mark D. Clem (BBA ’78) of Hiawassee died Sept. 6. Halaine K. Davis (MEd ’79) of Athens died Oct. 14. Hal S. Maggied (DPA ’79) of Coconut Creek, Fla., died July 7.


Kelly Brandt (BBA ’80) of Marietta died Sept. 25. Philip Thomas Schley Jr. (BBA ’80, JD ’83) of Columbus, Ga., died Sept. 14. Paul Michael “Mike” Davenport (AB ’81, MSW ’82) of Warner Robins, Ga., died Oct. 11. William Hailey (BBA ’81) of Atlanta died Sept. 20. Kathryn Weathers Kelly (BSEd ’81) of LaGrange died Sept. 15. Mary Ann Crawford (MSW ’82) of Lexington, Ga., died Aug. 2. Penny L. Angel (EdS ’83, EdD ’85) of St. George Island, Fla., died Sept. 20. Donald Floyd Enis (MEd ’83, EdS ’86) of Jasper died Oct. 2. Thomas Howard (BBA ’83) of Maitland, Fla., died Sept. 25. Danny Moore (AB ’83) of Stockbridge, Ga., died Nov. 2. Mark N. Nemeroff (BS ’83) of Atlanta died Oct. 6. Gloria O’Neill (EdS ’84) of Gainesville, Ga., died Oct. 13. Amber Prince (PhD ’84) of Ellijay, Ga., died Nov. 1.


Laura L. Owens (JD ’85) of Atlanta died Oct. 24. George “Chip” Millican (ABJ ’86) of Bishop died Oct. 4. Leon H. Specht (BFA ’86) of Crawfordville died Sept. 20. Jeffery Morrow (JD ’88) of Leesburg, Ga., died Sept. 10. Shane Christopher Kelly (BBA ’89) of Fisherville, Tenn., died Oct. 10. Charles Wetherington Jr. (JD ’89) of Valdosta died Aug. 15. Jay Bradley Yurchuck (BBA ’89) of Woodstock died Aug. 15.


Robert Eubanks (ABJ ’91) of Fort Worth, Texas, died Oct. 29. Martin Andrew Dotson (BSPh ’92) of Savannah died Aug. 27. James L. Wahlers (PhD ’93) of Athens, Ga., died Oct. 29.


Andrea Morrison Baker (AB ’95) of Nashville, Tenn., died Sept. 5. Toby Buttimer (JD ’95) of Savannah died Sept. 27. Jennifer C. Capps (AB ’95) of Atlanta died Aug. 9. Margaret A. Mercer (BS ’95, DVM ’99) of Douglasville died Aug. 1. Katherine A. “Kathy” Allison (AB ’96) of Buford, Ga., died Oct. 17. Joseph C. Eggleston (AB ’96) of Memphis died Sept. 28. Kim H. Ludovici (PhD ’96) of Cary, N.C., died Oct. 9. Joel “Joey” Culpepper Jr. (BSEd ’98) of Warner Robins died Sept. 6. J.P. Livaditis (AB ’98) of Dawsonville died July 29.


Walter Theodore Widener (AB ’03) of Tallahassee died Sept. 11.


Rebecca Sue Tabony (PhD ’06) of Lafayette, La., died Sept. 28. Justin G. DiBiase (AB ’07) of Charleston died Oct. 19. Michael Smith (BBA ’07) of Alpharetta died Oct. 23.