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Compiled by Jackie Reedy and Paige Varner

Alumni obituaries should be sent directly to the Alumni Records office so that the information can be verified and information on the alumnus updated. Records will then send the information to GM for publication. It can take three to six months, or more depending on volume, for an obituary to appear on the magazine web site.

You may email obits to records@uga.edu or mail them to the Alumni Records Dept, 394 S. Milledge Ave., Athens GA 30602.


Dr. Edgar Arthur W. Wayburn (AB ’26) of San Francisco died March 5.


George O’Kelley Jr. (BSEd ’34, MSEd ’41) of Athens died May 8.


Isabel McRae Cashman (BSHE ’35) of Savannah died March 20. Carter Maxwell Coart (ABEd ’35) of Columbus died Feb. 22. Dr. Katherine M. Hendry (BS ’35) of Blackshear died Feb. 28. Mildred Trawick Rice (ABJ ’35) of Commerce died Feb. 28. Emily Burch Scovill (BSHE ’35) of Largo, Fla., died April 14. Alec Tregone (ABJ ’35) of Marietta died March 16. Thomas B. Heys (BSC ’36) of Chattanooga died April 30. William Hoyt Haley (BSF ’38) of Elberton died April 18. Dr. Seaborn Anderson Roddenbery III (BS ’38) of Hamilton died April 13. Dr. Thomas Edward Bailey Sr. (M ’39) of Augusta died Jan. 4. Wallis B. Hardeman Jr. (AB ’39) of Fort Valley died March 14. Margaret Cooper Jaillite (BSHE ’39) of Durango, Colo., died Jan. 27. Wedford Jackson Liddell (BSAE ’39) of Germantown, Tenn., died April 24. Virginia Barfield Page (AB ’39) of West Palm Beach, Fla., died Feb. 4.


Carolyn McKenzie Carter (ABJ ’40) of Sea Island died April 21. John M. Cochran Jr. (BS ’40, BSPh ’50) of Cartersville died April 30. David Mayne Elder (BSA ’40) of Athens died April 10. Louise Chandler Dempsey (ABJ ’41) of Winston-Salem, N.C., died April 6. Gerald Yarbrough Duke (BSA ’41, MS ’59) of Athens died April 28. Ruth Meeks Griffin (ABJ ’41) of Carrollton died March 17. Dorothy “Dot” Perkins Johnson (AB ’41) of Stone Mountain died April 16. Pauline B. Payne (BSHE ’41) of Dawson died April 2. Marvin D. Raines (BSA ’41) of Raines died May 3. Imogene Walker (BSHE ’41) of Atlanta died May 3. Evelyn Perfect Allen (BSHE ’42) of Savannah died Feb. 17. Reta Evans Brown (M ’42) of Athens died March 12. Jennie Elizabeth Dillard Strother Hawkins (BSEd ’42) of Arnoldsville died April 25. William “Bill” Marvin Hill (BBA ’42) of Atlanta died April 1. William Osborne Solms (BBA ’42, JD ’47) of Atlanta died March 8. Rosemary Baker Strother (MS ’42) of Macon died March 8. John Richards White (BSF ’42) of Winnsboro, S.C., died March 29. Julian Bartow Willingham (AB ’42, LLB ’48) of Augusta died March 18. Burrell Lusha Wood (MSCH ’42) of Laurens, S.C., died April 7. Dr. Robert C. Bailie (BS ’43) of Evans died May 12. Christine Craig Blaney (BSHE ’43, MEd ’70) of Hoschton died March 5. Dr. Enrico Carrasco (BS ’43) of Senoia died April 15. Margie Haymon Dillard (BSHE ’43) of Bethlehem died March 19. Robert Beahrs Morris (BS ’43) of Decatur died April 3. Jarrell B. Anderson (BBA ’44) of Flowery Branch died Jan. 22. Dorothy Patton Francis (BSEd ’44) of Panama City, Fla., died March 6. Joy Barnett Rucker (ABJ ’44) of Colorado Springs, Colo., died March 5. Sara O’Neal Sweeney (MSHE ’44) of Scottsdale, Ariz., died May 2.


John Floyd Bradley (BSA ’45) of Lilly died March 30. Morris Kalinsky (AB ’45) of Charleston, S.C., died April 10. John Mohr McIntosh (M ’45) of Savannah died March 23. Aubrey R. Morris (ABJ ’45) of Alpharetta died April 13. Dorothy Ford Pruitt (BBA ’45) of Swainsboro died March 24. Margaret Childs Walter (ABJ ’45) of Culver City, Calif., died Aug. 25, 2007. Warren Terrell Wilkinson (BSA ’45, MEd ’61) of Toccoa died April 25. Hilda Goldman Goldstein (AB ’46) of Milledgeville died March 26. Marguerite Thomas Hodgson (AB ’46) of Athens died April 16.  Hallie Bowen Holmes (BS ’46) of Flowery Branch died April 6. Robert Atkeson McCreery (BSA ’46, MSA ’47) of Jefferson died Feb. 22. L. Cecil Turner (BBA ’46) of Atlanta died Feb. 21. Ramye Lott Hawthorne (BSEd ’47) of Ormond Beach, Fla., died March 18. Col. Thomas Harber Holbrook (BBA ’47) of San Antonio died Feb. 13. Robert Monroe Joiner (BSA ’47) of Atlanta died March 15. Zelda Syman Steinberg (AB ’47) of Evans died Feb. 25. William A. “Bill” Balk (BSAE ’48) of Elko, S.C., died April 4. Jack Madison Hall (BSF ’48) of Moultrie died March 2. Jane Jones McMillan (BSEd ’48) of Roswell died Feb. 17. Thomas James Northcutt (LLB ’48) of Sea Ranch Lakes, Fla., died March 28. William Joseph Patterson Jr. (LLB ’48) of Lawrenceville died Feb. 26. Lucien Philips (BBA ’48) of Atlanta died Feb. 23. William J. Shortt (BBA ’48) of Cornelia died April 7. Robert S. Balk (BBA ’49) of Augusta died April 5. George B. Huckeba (LLB ’49) of Houston died May 3. Charles Richard Hunnicutt (BSAE ’49) of Franklin, N.C., died Feb. 27. William Albert Nix Jr. (BBA ’49) of Atlanta died April 25. Benjamin G. Parks (BS ’49) of Naples, Fla., died April 24. Bert E. Patrick (BBA ’49) of Bethlehem died April 7. Herschel Vincent “H.V.” Shirley Jr. (BSA ’49, MSA ’51) of Knoxville, Tenn., died March 26. Joseph Daniel Smith (BBA ’49) of Augusta died Feb. 23. Lyde Tallevast Thomas (BSA ’49) of Woodbine died Feb. 8. Tommy Lewis Thompson Jr. (BSA ’49) of Newton, Miss., died March 19.


Harry Joseph Baldwin (BLA ’50) of Cumming died March 12. Barry Edward Blitzer (ABJ ’50) of Palisades, Calif., died Jan. 27. Joseph Cassin (AB ’50) of New Orleans died March 7. Johnson Edmund Davis (BBA ’50) of Miami, Fla., died Feb. 24. William Cash Harper (BSF ’50) of Savannah died March 28. George D. Herndon (BBA ’50) of Wheeling, W. Va., died April 26. Byron H. Hurst (ABJ ’50) of Gulf Shores, Ala., died Feb. 11. David Campbell Jones Sr. (JD ’50) of Sylvester died March 14. Neilan Bert Levy (ABJ ’50) of Atlanta died March 8. The Rev. Marcus R. Martin (MEd ’50) of Clarkesville died March 23. Sampson D. Moore Jr. (BBA ’50) of Ludowici died April 9. Robert James Sharpless (BBA ’50) of Villa Rica died March 21. Edward Eugene Gregory (ABJ ’51) of Marietta died Feb. 14. Dorothy Lynn Griscom (BSNE ’51) of Memphis, Tenn., died Feb. 16. John B. Kelley (BBA ’51, MBA ’56) of Bethlehem died April 26. Buford Jetson Parker (JD ’51) of Columbus died Feb. 14. James W. Stone (BBA ’51) of Thomasville died May 8. Helen Waters Woodhouse (BSEd ’51) of Savannah died May 4. John Paul Gimma (AB ’52) of Summerfield, Fla., died March 27. Earl Dennis Mann (BSPh ’52) of Greensboro, N.C., died Feb. 5. Patricia “Patsy” Gay Sims Myrick (M ’52) of Columbus died April 6. William D. Owens Jr. (JD ’52) of Macon died April 28. William C. Watts (BBA ’52) of Atlanta died March 16. Dr. James H. Alexander (BS ’53) of Atlanta died March 31. John Jefferson Clark (DVM ’53) of Marcellus, Mich., died March 18. Charlotte Kerr Davis (M ’53) of Sandy Springs died March 3. James W. “Jim” Dobson (MSA ’53) of Blairsville died May 5. William Harold “Bill” Justice (DVM ’53) of Carmel, Ind., died April 21. Joann J. Kemp (BSEd ’53) of Camden, S.C., died April 21. H.E. “Bob” Newton (BSA ’53) of Maxeys died April 28. Inman Curry Phillips (BS ’53) of Atlanta died April 16. Guthrie Tolbert “Mary” Pratt (BS ’53, MS ’58) of Fairview, Pa., died March 2. Mary Alexander Smitherman (BBA ’53) of Mooresville, N.C., died Feb. 17. Raymond Irvin Fulcher (BSA ’54) of Ludowici died Feb. 26. Hersel S. Harley (DVM ’54) of Warsaw, Va., died April 29. Edward Joseph Henning (LLB ’54) of Atlanta died April 6. Allen T. Lawrence (BSA ’54) of Dacula died Feb. 20. Parks Smythe Newsome (ABJ ’54, MA ’66) of Washington, Ga., died March 25. William Houston Richardson (BBA ’54) of Manassas, Va., died March 7. Cleveland Raine Willcoxon Jr. (BBA ’54) of Atlanta died Feb. 5.


Willis Hampton Sirmans Jr. (BBA ’55) of Waycross died March 23. James Miller Thornton (DVM ’55) of Gate City, Va., died April 7. Barbara J. Wright (M ’55) of Lanett, Ala., died April 3. Tigner Swain Zorn (BS ’55) of Wetumpka, Ala., died Feb. 28. Margaret Jones Allen (BFA ’56) of Cordele died April 20. Wiley Miller Crittenden Jr. (BS ’56) of Washington, Ga., died March 12. Robert B. Langstaff (LLB ’56) of Albany died Feb. 16. Ann Patton Watkins (AB ’56) of Sewanee died April 26. John Dean Alsup Jr. (BSF ’57) of Lake Waccamaw, N.C., died March 11. Fred Gleen Bilyeu (BSEd ’57) of Franklin, Tenn., died Feb. 22. John R. Carver Sr. (BS ’57) of Cataula died April 22. James McKinley Dye (MEd ’57, EdD ’65) of Waycross died Feb. 10. Carl “Corky” Hamilton (BSEd ’57) of White Oak died April 10. Carolyn Hendricks Hester (BSEd ’57) of Decatur died May 5. Harold Dean Cook (BSEd ’58) of Albany died April 8. Bill Dorminy (BSA ’58) of Morrow died April 28. Mary Ann Hammontree (MEd ’58) of Rocky Face died Feb. 13. Bruce Allan Linsley (BSEd ’58) of Pleasant Hill, Calif., died April 10. Lewis Edward Mingledorff Sr. (BBA ’58) of Athens died March 19. Mildred G. Senn (BSEd ’58) of Greenville, S.C., died Feb. 18. Robert Alexander “Bob” Skelton (BBA ’58) of Gainesville, Ga., died March 26.


Edwin Johnson Booth (BSPh ’60) of Elberton died May 8. Annette Janney Cooper (BSEd ’60) of Oxnard, Calif., died Feb. 28. Mattie Lou Olliff Edmonds (MEd ’60, EdS ’71) of Monroe died Feb. 5. Margaret Ann Westfall Gillespie (AB ’60) of Charlotte, N.C., died April 10.  Sheldon William Graiser (BSPh ’60) of Duluth died March 31. Hudson A. Nichols (BBA ’60) of Tullahoma, Tenn., died March 29. Durward M. Poland (BSPh ’60) of Waycross died Feb. 19. Annie Dean Tatum Samples (BSHE ’60) of Dawsonville died May 10. Stewart P. Walker (BBA ’60) of Augusta died April 9. Halcy Porter Weldon (BBA ’60) of Savannah died Feb. 10. Henry L. Whiddon (MFA ’60) of Denton, Texas, died April 29. Paula Paris Johnson (BSHE ’61) of Blairsville died March 11. Frank J. Brown (MEd ’62) of Auburn, Ala.,  died Feb 9. Dorothy Huff Budkovich (BSEd ’62) of Monroe died Feb. 15. Morgan C. Byars (BBA ’62) of Griffin died May 1. Luke Night Gill (BBA ’62, MSW ’71) of Columbus died Feb. 19. William Barron Cumming (AB ’62, LLB ’65) of Griffin died March 1. Edward G. Hicks (BSPh ’62) of Elberton died May 2. Nettie Lee Lovelace (MEd ’62, EdS ’71) of Free Home died April 18. William Henry Holmes Jr. (ABJ ’63) of Augusta died Feb. 22. Robert H. Moseley (BBA ’63) of Robbinsville, N.C.,  died April 12. William A. Norton Jr. (AB ’63, EdD ’71) of Metter died March 27. Richard Dawson Phillips (LLB ’63) of Ludowici died Feb. 25. Richard Marlin Edge (M ’64) of Thomasville died March 1. Tom Joseph Lightsey (EdD ’64, EdS ’71) of Bristol died Jan. 25. James “Jimmy” Edward Reese (BBA ’64) of Phenix City, Ala., died March 23. Richard H. “Moose” Wammock (BSEd ’64, MEd ’66) of Mount Desert, Maine, died March 25.


Mildred Estes Fortson (BSEd ’65) of Lincolnton died March 27. Thomas “Mark” Simmons (AB ’65, MEd ’73, EdS ’74) of Augusta died April 17. John Marlin Smith (MEd ’65, EdS ’71) of Murrayville died April 22.  Jep Patrick Hudspeth (DVM ’66) of Clyo died March 14. Henry H. McCurley (AB ’66, MA ’68, PhD ’74) of Auburn, Ala., died April 8.  George Robert Beck (BBA ’67) of Auburn, Ga., died April 27. Leo Edward Benton (AB ’67, JD ’71) of Athens died April 14. Sarah Sue Bennett Carson (MEd ’67, EdS ’71) of Ila died March 27. Harold Dewitt Johnson (BBA ’67) of Greensboro, N.C., died Feb. 20. Kay Adams Jordan (BSEd ’67) of Newnan died Jan. 3. William Stewart McElhannon (AB ’67, MS ’77, PhD ’80) of Athens died March 12. Edward Aaron Moses (MBA ’67, PhD ’71) of Heathrow, Fla., died March 14. Mary King Pesterfield (MEd ’67, EdS ’71) of Summerville died Jan. 30. Charles G. Verschoor (MS ’67) of Cutler Bay, Fla., died April 16, 2009. Joan Pennell Allen (MEd ’68) of Pendleton, S.C., died April 17. David Glenn Edwards (BBA ’68, MBA ’69) of Lilburn died March 6. Jimmie Caroline Hill (AB ’68) of Atlanta died March 28. Alan B. Moore (BBA ’68) of Kure Beach, N.C., died Jan. 13. Norman Smith (AB ’68, JD ’72) of Barnesville died June 7, 2009. Christine Meadows Taylor (MEd ’68, EdS ’72) of LaGrange died April 21. Charles L. Faires (MEd ’69) of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., died Jan. 19. Laurin McGirt Johnson (BSHE ’69) of Columbia, S.C., died Feb. 19. Katherine “Kitty” McClure (EdD ’69) of Chattanooga, Tenn., died May 7. Neta Louise Walker Miller (BSEd ’69) of Athens died March 16. Martha Ellen Barr Stilwell (MEd ’69, EdS ’74) of Marietta died April 10. Lou Anna Puckett Stowe (MEd ’69) of Monroe died March 14.


James Lee Dodd (MSW ’70) of LaGrange died March 8. Laura M. Hughes (MEd ’70) of Arlington died Jan. 9. Paul O’Neal Johnson (EdD ’70) of Tifton died March 11. Betty D. Kruggel (EdS ’70) of Columbus died April 18. Arleen G. Taffel (BSEd ’70) of Marietta died April 28. Betty Carolyn Claxton (EdS ’71) of Tifton died Feb. 27. Adelfa C. Gorriaran (MA ’71) of Des Moines, Iowa, died Jan. 16. Roy L. Kendall (MEd ’71) of Atlanta died April 30. William P. Lovett (BBA ’71) of Augusta died Jan. 21. Frances Knox Paysinger (MEd ’71) of Charlotte, N.C., died May 9. Jeffrey Michael Starnes (AB ’71, JD ’74) of Conyers died Feb. 11. Mabel Frances White (MEd ’71) of Atlanta died May 4. Rodney Lyle Jacobs (BBA ’72) of Oxford died March 29. Robert J. Patrick (BBA ’72) of Conyers died Jan. 20. Robert “Bobo” Alan Pollock (MEd ’72) of Lexington, Ky., died Feb. 20. Vernon Lee Robinson (PhD ’72) of Seneca, S.C., died March 15. Conrad Lamar Sprouse (MEd ’72, PhD ’76) of Fort Mill, S.C., died March 1. Jayne Welborn (BBA ’72) of Greenwood, S.C., died April 3. Susan Stephens Bayless (BSEd ’73) of Sebring, Fla., died May 5. Frank Sinkwich (BBA ’73) of Athens died April 17. Carolyn Anderson Stephens (EdD ’73) of Little Rock, Ark., died Feb. 3. Filomena T. Mullis (EdS ’74) of Macon died April 19. Carol Simon Rothrock (BFA ’74) of Carbondale, Colo., died Jan. 5. Charles Robert Sussman (BBA ’73, MAcc ’74) of Jacksonville, Fla., died Feb. 14. Timothy John Bretz (BSPh ’74) of Sarasota, Fla., died March 5. Willie B. Lawrence Jr. (M ’74) of Lawrenceville died March 26. Monte Steve Linn (BLA ’74) of Ladson, S.C., died Feb. 2. Iris Conner Meek (AB ’74) of Brooklet died Feb. 18. George Dennis Payne (MEd ’74) of Toccoa died March 18. Dorris C. Tongate (EdS ’74) of Soddy Daisy, Tenn., died Feb. 2.


Douglas Olen Carlyle (JD ’75) of Marietta died March 22. Eli J. Giaquinto (MPA ’75, DPA ’81) of Tucker died Jan. 3. George Cleveland Leverett III (BBA ’75) of Lincolnton died April 2. Steven Arthur Miller (MBA ’75) of Winston-Salem, N.C., died May 3. Mark L. Moseley (BBA ’75) of Evans died April 17. Jay Allen Shapiro (AB ’75) of Atlanta died March 25. Oree Dee Willis (MEd ’75) of Tignall died March 22. Joseph Foster Cooper (BSEH ’76) of Hartwell died April 23. David L. Nash (BSA ’76) of Melbourne, Fla., died March 29. James Ryan Marietta (JD ’77) of Atlanta died March 17. Thomas Zuber Veale III (BBA ’77) of Watkinsville died March 19. Leonard Todd Mathis Sr. (BBA ’79) of Lithonia died March 27.


Warren Malcolm Alexander (EdS ’80) of Talking Rock died April 7. Buck A. Mickel (BBA ’80) of Greenville, S.C., died May 3. Deborah Perkins O’Neal (BSPh ’80) of Macon died April 19. John L. Holder (MEd ’81) of Sanford, N.C., died Feb. 13. Mildred Neal Scott (BBA ’81) of Atlanta died March 4. Maureen Price Collar (AB ’82) of Acworth died March 4. David N. Johnson (BS ’82) of Richmond, Va., died April 16. Kimberly James Maassen (MSW ’84) of Santa Rosa, Calif., died April 24. Robert “Bob” Scott Spratling (AB ’84) of Dunwoody died March 28.


Charles Jacob Greenisen (JD ’85) of Atlanta died Jan. 19. Margaret “Peggy” Fountain Poland (AB ’86) of Atlanta died Feb. 25. Kenneth Wayne Sledge (BLA ’86) of Nashville died April 28. Warren Mitchell “Mitch” Snow (BS ’86) of Orchard Hill died May 1. Wendy Gay Tunstall-Olive (AB ’88) of Atlanta died April 19.


Suzanne J. Pepper (BBA ’90) of Potomac, Md., died Feb. 21. Ronalynn Elana Faircloth (BS ’92, BSPh ’94, MEd ’98, EdS ’00) of Tifton died March 30. Willow Melody Willis (ABJ ’92, MA ’94) of Valrico, Fla., died Feb. 27. Kevin M. Fleming (MA ’94) of Virginia Beach, Va., died April 7.


Jason Michael Gibson (BBA ’98) of Atlanta died March 19. Patrick McMichael Sweeney (AB ’98) of Rome, Ga., died March 29.


Jack Brian Clure (MBA ’06) of Chattanooga, Tenn., died Feb. 2, 2006. Leon John Brauer (BBA ’07) of Augusta died March 31. Daniel Patrick Mammola (BS ’07) of Athens died March 9. Stephen Patrick Clayton (AB ’08) of Austin, Texas, died Jan. 11.


Samuel Morris Kennedy of Peachtree City died Feb. 21.