September 2011

From the President
TAKE 5 - President Jere W. Morehead on partnerships with local schools
TAKE 5 - President Jere W. Morehead on engaging students
TAKE 5   — President Jere W. Morehead on UGA’s economic development efforts
Take 5 — President Jere Morehead on his appointment
Take 5 — President Michael F. Adams on his legacy at UGA
Take 5 — President Michael F. Adams on the new College of Engineering
Take 5 — President Michael F. Adams on the College of Education
Take 5 — President Michael F. Adams on the performing arts
President Michael F. Adams on food modification and safety at UGA
President Michael F. Adams on the State of the University
President Michael F. Adams on the First-Year Odyssey
President Michael F. Adams on public service and outreach at UGA
President Michael F. Adams on UGA’s international connections
Take 5 - President Michael F. Adams on diversity at UGA
Take 5 — President Michael F. Adams on medical education in Athens
President Michael F. Adams on research at the University of Georgia
President Michael F. Adams on UGA’s most prestigious scholarship programs
President Michael F. Adams on music and UGA
President Michael F. Adams on need-based scholarships
President Michael F. Adams on student life
Take 5
Take 5
Take 5
Take 5
From the GM Staff
Talk about the passion
Cover Story
The wonder of Wormsloe
Mr. Leonard’s legacy
The big C
The right person, the right time
End of an era
Engineering job growth
In the CLASSroom
A leg in faith
Exploring an enigma
The big picture
The Honorable Steve C. Jones
The Peacemaker
Celebrating Courage
UGA and MCG: Partners for the future
On the front line
The essential Kim Bearden
Talk about the passion
Breaking the Cycle
Bridging a divide
House of stone and light
UGA in Africa
The man and his art
Feature Stories
Building a better government
Experience UGA
Chasing Aimee
New campus provides perfect remedy
The weather man
The new Rutherford
Engaging the best and brightest
40 under forty
A show on the road
Double vision
A horse of another color
Extreme Makeover
The millionaire bookworm
New home for Health Sciences
Standing on the shoulders of many
Nothing for granted
Top 10 Bulldog Businesses 2013
Almost famous
Bulldogs in Britain
Tracking the reds and blues
40 under forty
On with the show!
A leg in faith
Fighting for the future
Meals in Minutes
Bigger, better food … and more of it
Protecting the Food supply
No place like home
Federal Dogs
40 under 40
The Odyssey
40 Under 40
Serving Georgia’s low country
Learning in service
From Alex Jones to Zest
Looking for life
Getting PRactice
Out to sea
Building on dreams
Magical moments
The survivor
In vino veri-dawgs
Forehands and fist bumps
Georgia (wine) on my mind
The gift
Teaching the teachers
Right Click for Local Music
Let’s get down to business
Reaching a Crescendo
Setting the standard
Fighting back
Hula Hoops, bubbles and plate tectonics
Leading by example
An ounce of prevention
Patent power
Butterfly dreams
The ride of her life
The real thing
Capital impact
A unique position
Stop the presses
Lucky Number VII
Shot (put) heard round the world
All that jazz
Fighting words
Higher education for all
A pathway to healing
Changing the culture of waste
Liberation and education
Communicating without words
Risky business
Coffee klatch
And the beat goes on
Pumped up
The (many) flavors of Georgia
Animal ambassador
Forecasting the future
Cookin’ with charisma
Get a job
Girls ROCK
Special education
Dawgs with dogs
Food network
Georgia Museum of Art renovation
Tour de Food
Honing their skills, helping burned kids
The real world
Lending a hand
The new college classroom
Clicking into UGA
The expanded Tate Center
Colley CAN
Paying it forward
Pinpointing Preservation
Finding roots
Young at heart
BEST foot forward
First Person
Bringing justice to a foreign land
Ken Holley
Chip Pryles
Rob Gibson
Shelly Wischhusen
Michelle Moran
Around the Arch
New life for the red barn
Can you hear me now?
Sustainability grants benefit cyclists
Tree huggers
Peanut genome sequenced
Where journalism meets pre-medicine
Got flowers?
Do volunteers make better employees?
Support for students in recovery
Georgia swimmers and divers repeat as champions
Equestrian team takes national title
Peabodys get heightened exposure
Plates fund scholarships
Ride ’em cowboy
New this fall
UGA to get Science Learning Center
UGA startup wins award
Demand spurs new online program
Law school takes prestigious moot court competition
Go in peace
Two get 2014 Goldwater awards
Best in show: A bark out to
Thank a donor
Faculty receive Meigs, Russell awards
UGA/Emory partnership gets funding for flu research
Another Truman for UGA
Rock around the clock
In the game
UGA recognized for Fulbrights
Gridiron academics
Morehead receives vestment at November ceremony
Whitten named provost
UGA’s second Spotlight on the Arts festival
Georgia Law brings home national championship
Understanding dementia
Going green: Secret garden
Organic chemistry? There’s even an app for that
Murray gets academic, athletic honors
Law symposium features retired justice
Initiative to bolster African-American male enrollment
Trumpet tune
Toy story
Medal honors outstanding former faculty
Best in show: A bark out to
Grants for UGA start-up
Identifying a killer
UGA recognized for economic development initiatives
UGA ranks 20th
Morehead Scholars at UGA
Wise Owl
UGA gets first LEED gold for historic building
Gardening resources for schools
Morehead part of national research initiative
Stadion Classic ends after four years
Game day at uga
UGA receives $10.4 million grant
Horn player takes top prize
Saving sea turtles
Not so lazy Ray
Georgia Review wins big at GAMMAs
High energy
Through the Arch
Undergraduate research up
One million served
Hot to trot
Free biology texts a boon for students
Best in show
Meals on (really fast) wheels
One last lap
Sustainability award for Costa Rica campus
Young Dawgs get national recognition
Fish tale
UGA’s impact: $2.16 billion
Georgians less civic-minded?
Back to the Gulf
Teaching kids with autism
UGA sending Salty Dawg undersea
Beating back the mumps
Glucose monitors for pets
Student gets Google scholarship
Trustees name new officers, members
Murder, she wrote
The Redcoats are coming (back)
Spotlight on the arts
Best in show
Extra funding for professorships, scholarships
Twenty years of hope
Terry MBA among best in the world
Summer at the circus
Another Gates grant for UGA
Bike repair station
Sustainability superstars
Green grazers
Exam survival kits
Star light, star bright
Seared duck brings home a silver
New Atlanta office to support economic development
Alumni News & Events
2014 UGA Alumni Association Awards
Alumni News & Events
Alumni News & Events
Alumni News & Events
Alumni News & Events
Alumni News and Events
News & Events
From the Alumni Association President
Kickoff Friday 2012
Alumni News & Events
Alumni News & Events
Alumni Calendar
Alumni calendar
Alumni calendar
2011 UGA Alumni Association Awards
Alumni Calendar
Alumni calendar
Letter from the UGA Alumni Assciation president
Alumni calendar
Letter from the UGA Alumni Assciation president
2010 Alumni Association Awards
Alumni Calendar
Letter from the UGA Alumni Association President
Alumni Association Calendar
Message from the UGA Alumni Association President
Alumni Association Calendar
2009 Alumni Award Recipients
Letter from the UGA Alumni Association Board President
Alumni chapters
Alumni Association Calendar
Letter from the President of the UGA Alumni Association
UGA Alumni Association Calendar
Letter from the President of the UGA Alumni Association
New graduates: Get involved!
Alumni Association honors graduates, faculty, families
Alumni Profiles
Solving big problems
Upholding the law
On track
More than a dynasty
Performance of emotion
All in the family
Making Moonshine
Cancer fighters
Making news
The play’s the thing
Southern revival
Humans of New York
On the fast track
Learning to see
Reaching new heights
A bulldog in Scotland
Calling the plays
The quilting life
Accessible adventures
The zombies are here
A solid sound
A story for the scripts
The call of the wild
Shiny happy people
Not wasting anything
For love of the game
Reminisce about the days of old
The greater good
World traveler
Breaking barriers
Oh my heart
Time to shine
Pedal pusher
At Death’s Door
A voice for nature
Storming the (Alabama) state house
School of rock
Thinking big
To soar above the rest
Illustrating life
The magic of ESP
Branding chikin
Sweet dreams
King of Pops
One lucky duck
The Bikini Chef
Getting fresh
Becoming Walter
One “lucky dog”
The buzz on Mike Lester
The Tim Gunn of type
Film focused
Run, run, run as fast as she can
Pushing an unpopular cause
A head for education
Wide world of sports
Él no habla Español
Bridging the cultural gap
Poetic genius
Third time’s the charm
Calling all swingers
A garden grows in Brooklyn
A need to feed
Onions, ogres and a museum
Up in the air
Persistence pays off
They know stuff
Murder, he wrote
Home on the range
Focus on fashion
Five for fighting
In his blood
Getting his “kid fix”
A bigger vision
At the pinnacle
A Bulldog in ‘Bama
Drawn together
No regrets
Shear inspiration
Home sweet home
Dashing through the snow
A world of wine
From the South to South Pacific
Swinging for the fence
All the president’s kids
He’s number one
Preserving lives
Ahead of the game
Making wishes come true
Against the odds
Raising a ruckus
Tooting his own horn
Putting the Spin on the music scene
New West goes East
A “responsibility” to get involved
Putting down roots
Class Notes
Class Notes
Grad Notes
Class Notes Extras
Why I give
Star crossed
Put the South in your mouth
Science educator elected to Cosmos Club
New Books
Alumnus is first recipient of new prize
Shining Star
Some kind of spark
Terry grad gets award for green home
New Books
Diabetes advocate launches foundation
Chess & Pizza
Why I give
Go Dogs! Baconize ’em
New Books
Claude Walton McBride, 1932-2013
Honorary Dawg
Law alum to head state economic development office
Dream weaver
Why I Give
Isner looms large
New Books
Holliman to be inducted into Hall of Fame
Social networks could help prevent disease outbreaks in endangered chimpanzees
Surprise vows
Why I Give
Edwards joins Hall of Fame
Carrying the load through Athens
Aimee Copeland
New Books
DeShaun Maria Harris
Alumnus to head a major Obama initiative
2013 Celebration of Support
Cut the cake
Cut the cake
A Supreme honor
2013 UGA Alumni Association Awards
Why I Give
Thanks, Abe
Curtis Beall,  1922-2013
Civil War art at Met
Star rising
New Books
Why I Give
Epps Bridge Bulldog Mural
Design star
Why I Give
Burr on exhibit
Alumnus recognized for revolutionizing food production
Principal of the Year
One special agent
New Books
Why I give
Alumna named U.S. Poet Laureate
A happy, healthy lifestyle
Alumni win public relations award
The Ride to Save Lives
Why I Give
Bon appetit again, y’all
Doggone good chicken
2012 UGA Alumni Association Awards
Rice and simple
A major win for Bubba
Inspiring the next generation
First new Bulldog of the year?
Why I Give
From the President of the Alumni Association
Field of dreams
Celebrating a Free Spirit
Forestry professor honored with scholarship
100 candles
Far over 40 and fabulous
Clear eyes, full hearts
Why I give
Note from President of UGA Alumni Association
Aquarium Drunkard
Compton wins Mexican Open
Dancing to the top
Why I give
Note from President of UGA Alumni Association
Glass half full
Cooking with friends
Why I Give
Note from President of UGA Alumni Association
Take the lead
Key role for Cummiskey
That’s all, folks!
Why I give
Designs on fashion
Where are they now?
Why I give
Building a high tech community
Drum Kit
Coming home
Bullish on Bulldogs
Old depot brought to life by UGA alumni
“Blogger” becomes “author”
Kindred spirit
Morris receives teaching award
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Rodney Mauricio
John O’Looney
Audrey Haynes
José Blanco
Tracie Costantino
Andrew J. Herod
Carolina Acosta-Alzuru
Gregory Broughton
Robert Shewfelt
Paige Carmichael
Arvin Scott
Mel Garber
Catherine Pringle
Mariana Souto-Manning
Web Exclusives
Social Work with Burn Survivors multi-media
“Black and Blue”  documentary
Vet School holds open house
Car free day
Lending a paw
A Dawg’s Day
Scott Rigsby: Ironman
Teddy Bear Surgery
Bill Anderson
Freshman First Day
Uga VII’s First Day on the Job
A different view of the world
Bulldogs in Transit
Hunker Down With Housing
Remembering UGA VI
Interim president Henry King Stanford dies

Class Notes

Grad Notes