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Lacy, Kip
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Walker, Kate

Kate Walker

As senior Kate Walker is about to graduate, she says she’s “been involved in everything from UGA Crew to Delta Zeta sorority.” In her time at UGA, she studied in Spain and worked in Australia picking fruit and drawing blood, among other things. She is currently working part-time as an intern for Oasis Católico Santa Rafaela, a local program designed to help Hispanic children adjust to life in America.

singleton, Stefan

Stephan Singleton

Stephan is no ordinary veterinary student. Besides caring for her little sister and her mother, who was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm one year ago, she is president of the UGA student chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA), she works with many community service projects including Adopt-a-Highway and the Images of Success Program (a mentoring program), and she has been to South America to investigate the economical impact of Foot and Mouth Disease in Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.…

Hughes, Kit

Christopher Hughes

Kit Hughes has shown his conceptual art projects at venues throughout the southeast region since 1998, including the Fugitive Art Center in Nashville and the Murfreesboro Art Center, also in Tennessee. He is also a net artist who has received a grant from the UGA Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) for his Tagging project, an online tool for covering downtown Athens in virtual graffiti.

Menon, Ajit

Ajit Menon

Graduate student Ajit Menon plays tennis in his free time, but his research work is in the area of direct-to-consumer advertising, or marketing of pharmaceuticals directly to consumers through television, print and internet ads. His research, which recently won a UGA Graduate Research Award, shows that many consumers ignore the fine-print information regarding a drug’s side effects. This finding may promote advertising guidelines that require drug information to be more visible.

Reneau, Charles

Charles Reneau

Senior Charles Reneau has performed often with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, as well as the regional orchestras of Macon, Augusta, Huntsville and Chattanooga. He was a substitute bass trombonist with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on their North America tour last year and played in Carnegie Hall. He is a two-time winner of the U.S. Army Band’s National Solo Competition and was selected to be a Yamaha Young Performing Artist in 2003.

Reeves, Travis

Travis Reeves

Senior microbiology major Travis Reeves has an outstanding academic record, but he doesn’t stop there. He also volunteers at Athens’ Mercy Health Clinic providing medical services for the uninsured, and he worked at a hospital in Tanzania during his foreign study. He is completing an Honors thesis at the USDA laboratory in Athens to find out more about antimicrobial resistance, and he works at the Visitors Center telling people how much he loves UGA. After all this hard work, he…